Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm So Good At Punting I Shoulda Been A Kicker

Well, no go on Mister Sandstone Violence. It felt good to get on the problem again but that last move to the jug still horrifies me. Every time I get up there the silhouetted image of Jason flying off of the problem with the block flying right next to him flashes in my head and I come off.

I think I need to go up there with a bunch of pads and a bunch of spotters that'll yell and scream at me to do the damn move. It's stupid and there's no reason I shouldn't have done this four years ago. No reason.

As for the climbing, it was a pretty calm day. Kinda humid and buggy but the occasional gust of wind kept it decent. With a bit of grit I made it up to the last move without a real problem. Then I chickened out.

On with the weekend though! Sounds like West Bluff on Saturday and Greatest Show cleaning party on Sunday. It'd be nice to have a bunch of people up on Sunday as long as the weather holds out. Who wants in??


  1. Weekend: yes to one of the days. Not sure which. Have to stack the weather in my favor since it will only be one day. They keep changing the damn weather prediction.

    Steve I will be happy to go spot SV anytime (work and family permitting). I can imagine that getting hit with a 10# block of stone from high up on the problem would get in your head. We all have our demons. I tend to assign boulder problems to 3 binary critera: tall, bad landing, and hard. If a problem has one of those criteria, I'm fine with it. 2 criteria and I usually will still try it. If a problem has all 3, then forget it, for me it's not worth the risk. SV has 2 of those criteria for sure. I couldn't walk right for like 6 months from biffing from the very top of that problem.


  2. I've got a pad, and a car in two weeks. I'll be heading out there to do some less exciting things (Hangman, Get the Hell out of Dodge), so I'll chip in. Super tall spotter!

  3. I am, of course, in for both days.

    Call me honey bun!