Friday, June 29, 2012

DLFA Project

I'm assuming many of you have already seen this but I wanted to repost it here in the hope that some new, giving eyes could see it as well.

If you've got a couple minutes left in your day I'd encourage you to go to this link to the kickstarter page for a new video/documentary called the DLFA Project.  It's a very exciting project in my eyes and kudos to Darin for getting this off the ground so quickly.  The footage looks to be top quality and the stories are sure to be engaging. 

Here's the deal though, he needs some cash to record the soundtrack.  He's got a very cool situation planned out and personally, I thought it was well worth a few of our dollars. 

So go to the page, watch the trailer and donate a few bucks.  With projects like these a few dollars goes much further than you may think it will.

I've often spoken about how much I love the history we have here at the lake and this is an incredibly unique opportunity to get an even deeper look into one of the "Golden Ages" for climbing at Devil's Lake.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Copying Jugs

Jon did a travel post so I am too.  Suck it Jugs.

First Chris and I cut some shoes in half...

Then Katie and I started practicing our Badminton.  Gonna Crush...

Then I crushed Katie at Putt Putt.

Then I went to visit Dan in Marquette.

We peddled our wares...

We also drank beers...

I drank more beers than Dan since he had a marathon coming up.

Then I went to Wausau and had awesome beers and pizza at Red Eye.  Aaron was jealous.  So jealous that he had to go to Ian's to make up for it.

Then I peddled some more wares this morning...

There was a trip to Green Bay and about 4 trips to Milwaukee in there too.  Going to Duluth on Sunday.  I'm gonna peddle so many wares.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So I feel like this is my life now.  On to Green Bay tonight...

Shit Sales Reps Say from Crailtap on Vimeo.

We went rock climbing last Saturday.  It was fun.  Chris climbed a couple rocks.  I think I found a kneebar on Fat Raccoon.

Sunday was way better.  Katie and I played Badminton for three hours.  Crushed it.  So much more fun than climbing. I even got to wear my Badminton shoes.  Each of us were so psyched that it made the other unpsyched.  It was perfect.