Friday, June 15, 2012

Copying Jugs

Jon did a travel post so I am too.  Suck it Jugs.

First Chris and I cut some shoes in half...

Then Katie and I started practicing our Badminton.  Gonna Crush...

Then I crushed Katie at Putt Putt.

Then I went to visit Dan in Marquette.

We peddled our wares...

We also drank beers...

I drank more beers than Dan since he had a marathon coming up.

Then I went to Wausau and had awesome beers and pizza at Red Eye.  Aaron was jealous.  So jealous that he had to go to Ian's to make up for it.

Then I peddled some more wares this morning...

There was a trip to Green Bay and about 4 trips to Milwaukee in there too.  Going to Duluth on Sunday.  I'm gonna peddle so many wares.


  1. I like the pic of Dan and the pretzels. So, Jugs be suckin...

  2. Peddle so many wares. LOL. c$

  3. I like the putt-putt and the big 'ol pretzel pics! I wonder if Katie meets the height requirement for amusement park rides.