Monday, December 28, 2009


Quick 'n' easy. Here are my goals for 2010.

Keymaker - Very excited to get back on this one.

Alpine Club - It'll go...(he's lying)...just you wait...(third year in a row he's said this)...I will do that move...(lies)...

Sex and Chocolate - I'll go back in the spring and it will be done. The Gentleman just needs to give me the betas

The Zipper - Todd called this his favorite at the lake. It's a shame I haven't even been on it yet.

Black Sheep - Someone needs to do it, right?

Half Dome Project - Excited to try this one in better conditions.

Sandstone Violence - For obvious reasons. I just have so little motivation for Dodge right now. Maybe that'll change.

Corner Project - Not sure this one will go but it could be really hard and pretty classic. The holds are all there, I just need to get stronger.

Seam Project - Sweaty got me more interested in it late in the season.

The Prow - Such a good line. Very excited to get people up to see the other stuff by Massive Vertigo.

I think there's a decent chance that both the Half Dome Project and the Seam Project could turn out to be double digit boulders. Only time will tell though.

That's it. Short and sweet. I only included stuff nearby, obviously. If I go on a trip and send something I wanted to then it's just gravy.

I'm interested to see what everyone else's goals are. Post em up here!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


One Pack Of Power
Lock And Load Go Radical
Alpine Club's Bitch

Merry Christmas everyone!  Thanks for tuning into The 7 Days Of Gnar!!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Climbs So Strong
For Being Small Like Bunny
Katie Don't Hit Me