Monday, December 28, 2009


Quick 'n' easy. Here are my goals for 2010.

Keymaker - Very excited to get back on this one.

Alpine Club - It'll go...(he's lying)...just you wait...(third year in a row he's said this)...I will do that move...(lies)...

Sex and Chocolate - I'll go back in the spring and it will be done. The Gentleman just needs to give me the betas

The Zipper - Todd called this his favorite at the lake. It's a shame I haven't even been on it yet.

Black Sheep - Someone needs to do it, right?

Half Dome Project - Excited to try this one in better conditions.

Sandstone Violence - For obvious reasons. I just have so little motivation for Dodge right now. Maybe that'll change.

Corner Project - Not sure this one will go but it could be really hard and pretty classic. The holds are all there, I just need to get stronger.

Seam Project - Sweaty got me more interested in it late in the season.

The Prow - Such a good line. Very excited to get people up to see the other stuff by Massive Vertigo.

I think there's a decent chance that both the Half Dome Project and the Seam Project could turn out to be double digit boulders. Only time will tell though.

That's it. Short and sweet. I only included stuff nearby, obviously. If I go on a trip and send something I wanted to then it's just gravy.

I'm interested to see what everyone else's goals are. Post em up here!!


  1. In no real order.

    1. The Shield
    2. Greatest Show
    3. 30 project
    4. Ameture
    5. Climb an 8a boulder @ the lake
    6. Lead rubber man (if I cannot die attempting)
    7. Flash whiskey ago go(so?)
    8. Go to switz
    9. Go to spain
    10.Heal my finger
    More to come,


  2. My goal is to have a good time, and do a little sending.


  3. So Ill:
    The Gobbler Low
    Ring of Fire
    Body Karate
    Zig Zag

    The Lake:
    Seam Project
    Complete all projects and new radness that is put up.


    Little Rock City: (I will be going in Feb with Kristen because she is running a half marathon. Awesome)
    I would like to send lots of stuff. Everything looks great.

    If anyone has been there please let me know any hard things that seem like my style i.e. I can do quickly or awesome must do moderates. Ideally I would love to be able to do a v10 as i have never done one cause I've been in a down slope or plateau for 4 years. Please send your suggestions to me if you dont want to put them on here. garageclimber at


  4. Also Moj and Greatest Show (when nic cleans it)at the lake

  5. Ok for real.

    Devils Lake:
    S&C direct.
    Greatest Show on Earth.
    Alpine Club.
    Bulbous Direct.
    Jackbackwards project.
    16 towers summits on the West Bluff to beat Eric B's 15 summits.
    10 5.10 leads.
    Shaking Hands with a Chimp/Rubberman/Dyslexia.
    Anyother cool projects that we all have yet to get on.

    G. Dodge:
    Battle of the Bulge.

    And that is just around Madison. What will the future hold?

  6. Add the Zipper to my list.


    Icy Hot low


  7. Wow. Such a good idea. I'm with Remo though, first and foremost Have Fun. With that out of the way:

    1. Become a daddy again, seems imminant.
    2. Finish up the last 3 bolted climbs at Qual Wall (Nordwand and the 2 lines on the Farenheit 23 wall, 12a and 12c?)
    3. S&C, Perfect Medium, Jenga, Massive Vertigo, Zipper?, Beautiful Soup?, Greatest Show?, Winter Blues, find the imaginary "Reserve" finally.
    4. Lead a bunch of 5.8-5.10 at the Lake, maybe a couple harder well protected lines, and also steal beta from Remo on Dyslexia, Shaking Hands, and Rubberman.
    5. Finish up my goal of doing all V3 and up problems at the Dodge. Not sure this will happen with the broken holds on Titty Twister and Muramasa (or whatever that is called) and I also suck at roof cracks so not sure Dobbe's line will ever go for me. Plus that problem someone posted up called "The Bulge V6" is a pile of shit, so will have to pass on that one too.

    Hmm, maybe more soon... Steve def let me know when you go to Zipper and S&C. And I will help with cleaning Greatest Show too, would be fun to hit that one with a crew. ce

  8. I wish one of you dummies would put 'Chaos' at Rattlesnake on your list. Its not far from you guys to go do and I want some others to do it cause it's fun and I want to know how hard the bugger really is. lol. seriously though it's an hour from you madison folks, quit being lazy :-)

  9. Damn!!! Yes, Chaos as well. I need to get to Rattlesnake. Quincy was cool, ran out of time before going to Rattlesnake. I also want to go to Rib and try that V7, I think the Raptor? But I am not sure that will happen in 2010. We'll see. But yeah, Chaos is on there. Come on sweaty, I did put Winter Blues on there. For you, man, for you. ce

  10. I saw that and appreciated it. Though I'm not sure it is worth writing home about. Chaos is a much better problem.

  11. Narc - You may have the best goal of all.

    Nic - Your one and only goal should be to not punt on the 30. And to put up an 8A at the lake. That too.

    Sweaty - When will you be in LRC? We will be down in early feb. DOWN SOUFFF!!!!

    Remo - I would LOVE to work Dyslexia with you! Let me know when you want to try it and I'm in! I'd also like to work Ice sometime.

    Chris E - I'll let you know about any and all foray's to the boulders. And also congrats on the kid! Don't think I ever formally said that!!!

    Sweaty Dos - I find it hard to drive the extra 45 minutes each way to get up to Rattlesnake. Especially when the climbing is so good at the lake. I do think that Chaos is a pretty solid 7. But I haven't sent. Just punted. So I can't actually say for sure.

    What can I say, we're spoiled by such good climbing at the lake.

  12. Send the pink tape problem in the cave that Remo absolutely walked last night. ce

  13. Get engaged.



    I am not sure I will ever go and try Chaos, I do not want to have to downrate one of sweaty's boulder problems again.


  14. Engaged? Congrats man! The problem of course will be finding a dude that will put up with ur bullshit.

    Eat It

    You'll probably want to steer clear of Chaos. Its a pretty solid 7. Not a pretty solid 2, u won't be able to climb it. There is also no cheater beta availible so u wouldn't like it anyways.

    Eat it twice


  15. Also Nic. I need LRC beta from you for me. Steve you as well because i think you have been there also. Please email me beta on shit that should be done stat! garageclimber at


    ps i love you nic and I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. please forgive me

  16. Get a room fun boys. ce

  17. Nic's a 'sloppy party bottom'


  18. LOL nasty, I had to google that one. Google get a room fun boys. Best Simpsons episode evar. ce

  19. you seem to be good and bored today sir!

    ps happy new year everyone!

  20. whAT? where the did you take this?

    1) I can always find a knee bar.
    2) I will flash it (add that to my goals)
    3) bed wetters is top notch and hard for the grade (I would say 10?). go to dayton! they have a sick roof.
    I also climbed some amazing slabs in the back (stoming the castle).
    the wave (v6)

    space looks cool v8

    when are you kids leaving? maybe I will join you. Can someone come get me at the airport? in Chatt.

  21. Yeah, don't tell my boss. Oh wait, I'm the boss. Hee hee. Right back atcha with the Happy New Years. ce

  22. nothing like a little reverse psychology!

  23. Sweaty - You have still not answered my question. When will you be down there?

    We'll be down there probably the 5th-8th or so. Then going on to rocktown. and the hp40.

    We'd be happy to pick you up nic. Would be a badass fun lovin' time, peaches.

    Sweaty - Do the wave. supa cool.

  24. Hey sorry... for some reason I thought i responded. Kristen's race is the last weekend of Feb. So unfortunately we will miss eachother. lame.

    Nic, I'd say yes to picking you up but I'm afraid you'd be quite bored as we will only be climbing a bit and doing other stuff as well.

    steve - The wave looked really cool will do that for sure.

    Nic - betwetters looks great and I thought didnt look that hard... where's the crux on that thing? also waht about 'instinct sds' i saw you put it as 7c but most have it as 7c+. that looks like something i could do?.?.