Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 7 Days of Gnar

I've got a special surprise for all you boys and girls out there!! Over the course of the next seven weekdays you'll be getting to know my closest climbing partners a little bit better!

I've partnered some of the best/least flattering/worst pictures I've taken throughout the year along with Haiku's from our very own Aaron K. You may remember Aaron from his "Smooth Moves with the Gentleman" post.

If you don't see your name come up on any of the posts, that just means you didn't climb with us enough. Step it up!!

For those of you who do see your name come up, that just means you climbed too much with us, and I'm sorry. It must have been painful.

I hope you enjoy the next week or so of posts and keep looking for your name each morning at 9 AM!!! The fun starts tomorrow!!!