Friday, December 18, 2009


So Tall And So Strong
Has Tattoo Like Bad Boys Do
Drinks Cider Pinky Up


  1. I think the best pictures you've taken are of him staring at Aaron's 'assets'. Makes me laugh every time i see them.

    ps. I am with Nic on being fortunate enough to only climb with you once this season. and i dont think you had your camera... success

  2. High fives for climbing docs! Jonathan

  3. Wait, this other, stronger Chris is a climbing doc too? @John- I feel like I know you through Travis and SteveZ but I am pretty sure we never met. Radiology right? Cool stuff. If'n anyone has any peeing questions let me know. Oh, and yeah, Steve, I thought I said that this other, stronger Chris needed to pick a new name, cuz there can't be 2 Chris E's bumbling around Devil's Lake. Although I guess I can go by Christoph. At least it's spelled better than Kryztof Gorny's version of Christoph. ce

  4. I apologize mr. eggbert. I'll try to talk the 'other' Chris e. into legally changing his name to Poncho Estabon. I feel like that's a proper name for a sending machine of his stature.