Friday, November 26, 2010


In Chattanooga now. Katie had a killer last day in HP sending both Hammerhead and Redneck. The latter she did in the full on rain with a waterfall coming down. More on that later though.

The weather seems to be clearing a bit and today is a nice little rest day. Trying to find camping here is an odd experience. Should be better next year though. We'll see what this afternoon holds.

I really do like this town.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We're having a fine time down here in HP40. Weather has been decent. Temps have been workable, although a bit warm for my liking. Humidity is up to 89% today. Gross.

Katie sent Mulletino on her second day here, and did it convincingly quick after spending a lot of time on it in February. I was able to do Redneck pretty fast and punted hard on the flash go. Katie has punted on the last hard move many times now and it should go very soon. She's also getting close on Short Long and figured out AWESOME beta on Hammerhead.

I started working out Balrog and am interested enough to invest a few days. Just have to figure out one move and I should be good.

We're in Birmingham right now as Horse Pens is totally socked in and wet. Good time for a rest day. I hear the weather back home is, well, chilly. Hope it warms up for this weekend and you guys can get another day out.

Enjoy a few of the nicer shots we've gotten so far. Vacation was so very needed this time around. I'm happy to be here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm excited about this.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Minneature Apple

Oh La Quinta Inn And Suites Bloomington, how I've missed you.

We're wrapping up tomorrow thankfully and I'm ready to get back down to Madison. Unfortunately I have to work Saturday and the weather isn't looking great right now for Sunday. Hopefully we can hold out and have at least one or two more days at the lake this year.

I went over to VE last night to boulder climb and got bitch slapped. Hard. First, I got way too pumped, way too fast. They Climb too many moves in B2. Then I caught a hold wrong and ripped a giant fucking callous off my right middle finger.


I taped it up and helped Brad out with a Petzl clinic before we took off for the night. While I slept my finger bled through 4 layers of tape. Awesome. It's pretty heinous right now. Hoping it'll heal up before we go down south next week.

All things considered it was fun hanging out with Nic. Always is. Dude needs to eat a sammich though. God Damn he's gotten skinny.

I also got to try on the Quantums. Excited for those shoes. Pretty amazing.

Finally, It's nice to see the shit talk back in the comments. I'm just gonna start this one out:

RV - You suck.
Nic - You're too skinny.
Runnells - You're too popular.
Sweaty - You're too sweaty.
EggBalls - You've got old man balls.
Remo - You play with dinner plates.
Esser - You're too tall.
Sofie - You're too strong.
Remo - You're a dirty hippy. Yeah, you get two.
Rhoads - You're too angry.


Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm gonna be heading up to Minneapolis for a week this Sunday but wanted to throw out a couple of things on the event side of the world.

It's not often that we get climbing events here in Madison, whether it be athlete visits or movie showings. Sometimes the world comes together in a very cruel way.

First up is a Mountain Hardwear athlete visit next Thursday the 7th. Dawn Glanc will be at the Westside Fontana Sports giving her Ice climbing slideshow. Having seen a couple of clips of hers I'm extremely jealous that I'll be out of town for this one. It should be a phenomenal show and I'd love to see a ton of people show for it since it's rare we get athletes out here.

Second is the Reel Rock Tour. Somehow the organizers/Hoofers managed to pick the one date that there is an athlete in town and there will be a dueling show next Thursday the 7th at 7:00. Awesome. I'm not sure where this one is taking place as I just found out about it last night. I'm assuming the Memorial Union.

Either show should be fantastic though so hopefully you get out to one or the other! I'm bummed I'll be out of town. That's for sure.

53 and cloudy this Saturday. Psyched is an understatement.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clicky Clicky

Go to THIS LINK!!! Click. Vote. Do it every single day. Save some boulders in the Southeast.

It'll be sicky gnar.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Punt Of The Month - October

First things first. Awesome job to everyone who worked on the comp. It was phenomenal and finals was a good show. Congrats also to Jeremy and Ellen for taking home the win and also to Chris and Katie for coming in second. Boulders held it down in good style and Sarah came in third for the ladies, bringing home a clean Boulders sweep for the ladies. Awesome work.

Katie was able to keep the Schultz name in good form even if I brought the suck with a heavy load. I ended up having to leave our hotel in Oregon at 3 in the AM and Brad and I landed in Madison around 5:30 Saturday night. We took a cab straight to the gym and I very quickly got pumped and stopped climbing. Oh well.

Now on to more fun things. Punt of the Month.

What can I say other than I've been lucky to avoid it for this long. For almost 6 months now I've somehow dodged my way past each month. It couldn't last forever.

So there I was, hanging from the sloper on Zig Zag, one move from the finish jug. 4 straight times I came down with the same sad result, in full on punt mode. Katie made sure I knew it right away. This was my month. Dammit.

Not even Katie's punts on Moostache could save me as she satched it up quickly.

I have nothing left to say other than the inevitable, I am a fucking punter.