Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Punt Of The Month - October

First things first. Awesome job to everyone who worked on the comp. It was phenomenal and finals was a good show. Congrats also to Jeremy and Ellen for taking home the win and also to Chris and Katie for coming in second. Boulders held it down in good style and Sarah came in third for the ladies, bringing home a clean Boulders sweep for the ladies. Awesome work.

Katie was able to keep the Schultz name in good form even if I brought the suck with a heavy load. I ended up having to leave our hotel in Oregon at 3 in the AM and Brad and I landed in Madison around 5:30 Saturday night. We took a cab straight to the gym and I very quickly got pumped and stopped climbing. Oh well.

Now on to more fun things. Punt of the Month.

What can I say other than I've been lucky to avoid it for this long. For almost 6 months now I've somehow dodged my way past each month. It couldn't last forever.

So there I was, hanging from the sloper on Zig Zag, one move from the finish jug. 4 straight times I came down with the same sad result, in full on punt mode. Katie made sure I knew it right away. This was my month. Dammit.

Not even Katie's punts on Moostache could save me as she satched it up quickly.

I have nothing left to say other than the inevitable, I am a fucking punter.


  1. We still love you, steve. It's ok.


  2. no one loves nic. no one.

    well, maybe nic loves nic.


  3. Uh, Molly Loves me, My mother and Father Love me, My bro and his Fam, Leila, and YOUR MOTHER love me...

    Nic does love Nic...