Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We're having a fine time down here in HP40. Weather has been decent. Temps have been workable, although a bit warm for my liking. Humidity is up to 89% today. Gross.

Katie sent Mulletino on her second day here, and did it convincingly quick after spending a lot of time on it in February. I was able to do Redneck pretty fast and punted hard on the flash go. Katie has punted on the last hard move many times now and it should go very soon. She's also getting close on Short Long and figured out AWESOME beta on Hammerhead.

I started working out Balrog and am interested enough to invest a few days. Just have to figure out one move and I should be good.

We're in Birmingham right now as Horse Pens is totally socked in and wet. Good time for a rest day. I hear the weather back home is, well, chilly. Hope it warms up for this weekend and you guys can get another day out.

Enjoy a few of the nicer shots we've gotten so far. Vacation was so very needed this time around. I'm happy to be here.


  1. looks like fun guys! yeah its fucking cold up here today.

    good luck finishing up your projects!

  2. Ahhhhhhh the Gnar is back. How I missed you so. Awesome shots Steve. Yup, cold. We'll see about this weekend. Might be a boulders weekend. ce

  3. Thanks guys. Glad to hear I was missed. Also glad you like the shots eggy. They turned out pretty well. Fun fact of the day is that I didn't use any flash during any of the night pics. I do like being a headlamp rep.

    Weather is looking good around here. I'm excited to do some recaps. Got some great shots this trip.