Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Minneature Apple

Oh La Quinta Inn And Suites Bloomington, how I've missed you.

We're wrapping up tomorrow thankfully and I'm ready to get back down to Madison. Unfortunately I have to work Saturday and the weather isn't looking great right now for Sunday. Hopefully we can hold out and have at least one or two more days at the lake this year.

I went over to VE last night to boulder climb and got bitch slapped. Hard. First, I got way too pumped, way too fast. They Climb too many moves in B2. Then I caught a hold wrong and ripped a giant fucking callous off my right middle finger.


I taped it up and helped Brad out with a Petzl clinic before we took off for the night. While I slept my finger bled through 4 layers of tape. Awesome. It's pretty heinous right now. Hoping it'll heal up before we go down south next week.

All things considered it was fun hanging out with Nic. Always is. Dude needs to eat a sammich though. God Damn he's gotten skinny.

I also got to try on the Quantums. Excited for those shoes. Pretty amazing.

Finally, It's nice to see the shit talk back in the comments. I'm just gonna start this one out:

RV - You suck.
Nic - You're too skinny.
Runnells - You're too popular.
Sweaty - You're too sweaty.
EggBalls - You've got old man balls.
Remo - You play with dinner plates.
Esser - You're too tall.
Sofie - You're too strong.
Remo - You're a dirty hippy. Yeah, you get two.
Rhoads - You're too angry.



  1. Yeah you guys all missed my autograph signing at the reel rock show last night...

  2. Steve-- you're a male whore. Hmm. Nah that ain't it. Steve-- you're a.

    Drawing a blank. Shit. Coming back later to finish that one up. ce

  3. Punter? Jackass? D-bag? Chuffer?

    Dont worry Eggy. I got ya covered.

  4. Chuffer's a funny word. Never used that one before. Yeah, you're a Chuffer. Ha. ce

  5. Brett Favre, Tiger Woods...I cant wait until Narc's dirty text messages come back to haunt him and his fame... its only a matter of time

  6. Steve's a douchebag. By the way it is good to see someone else being told to eat a sandwich.