Thursday, April 22, 2010


Motivation is waning right now. Seriously waning. There are a couple reasons why but the ship needs to get righted.

Rocks need to be smote down on.

The talk lately has been of getting my focus back. I came into this season wanting to take shit down. I haven't. I took a look at my goals list the other day and I'm revising it a bit.

Here's the original:

Alpine Club
Sex and Chocolate
The Zipper
Black Sheep
Half Dome Project
Sandstone Violence
Corner Project
Seam Project
The Prow

I've been a failure so far. I need to get into attack mode and take shit down. I need to FOCUS.

So. Spring. It's still on and we still have good temps. Here's what I want to do this Spring.

1 - Greatest Show
2 - The Seam Project
3 - Sandstone Violence

I'd be happy with that. Very happy. Baby steps, right? There are so many things going on in my head right now I just need to pick out a couple things and go to town. Steinke is going onto the backburner. There are things I want to do but they can wait till summer.

Then there are other things I'd love to be able to do by year end but you guys already know what those are.

Aside from Remo doing Sex and Chocolate with a Cherry On Top and Nic doing the Greatest Show it's been a pretty slow season so far. Let's get on it people....


  1. Sorry, I should add in that Eggballs repeated Sandstone Violence for the 18th time the other day and also did Muramosa. Well done there.

    And Langlois has had a good season too sending Venus Rising and Highly Executed.

    At least some people have been after it!

  2. It may be slow in WI but in Minnesota this season was hot..

    The raven+1 (and probably another)

    Jim's new problem (at least v10
    And tengo+ 2 repeats

  3. What's the story morning glory? Not getting out? Training to hard? Not getting on the projs? Bad weather??

  4. Morning Glory. I like that. It's funny but I've been getting out a bunch, in great weather and haven't been training at all. Sounds perfect when I say it like that.

    Just one of those low motivation bouts, I guess. How have you been? Good to see you're still checking out all of our foolishness.

  5. Steve don't get down, so much to do! What are you up to tomorrow? The Lake!!! I came close to the Zipper today, not that bad really, just scary. Call me later.

  6. Nice work Remo! That's awesome. Doubt I can come out tomorrow morning but I'll give you a call if I can.

    Curious to hear what you think about the Zipper. Both Todd and Peter think it's a 6.

  7. Steve good post. I think we all go through periods of both low motivation and scattered focus. Especially when we had a stellar previous season, as you did. Totally agree about being scattered. I started this season with way too much on my plate. My motivation also seems to far exceed my free time currently (as you might imagine!), to add to the problem. After a shotgun start to the season (flailing yet again on Jenga, Sex & Chocolate, and Perfect Medium!) I decided to trim down and try to finish up my project of doing all V4 and up problems at the Dodge. Got 3 more, which is nice but now I'm left with a scattering of a few more, at least one of which is tall with a crappy landing (Flavor Savor). So we'll see. Yes, FOCUS!!! ce

    PS. I think it's 6 times, not 18! Hard to walk under that problem and not throw down a pad. So good. I guess if you're gonna be a one trick pony might as well be a pretty good trick. Oh and yeah, Muramasa is ok but would be so much better if all the lower holds hadn't broken off. As you very well know!