Monday, April 26, 2010

That's Better

Thanks Chris. This is much less mind numbing to look at.

Hopefully we have some good weather coming up so we can get this thing nice and clean. I'm still amazed at how good this boulder looks in the picture.

At this point it looks more and more like Nic's left exit might be a FA. Currently it looks like we've got 4-5 distinct lines on the boulder.

1 - Greatest Show Arete - No one really knows how hard this thing might be.

2 - Greatest Show Face - There very well might be three exits on this puppy. Right, Direct and Left. It'll be interesting to see the topout when it's clean.

3 - Left Arete - Years ago Steve Day and I spied this line but never put the work into it. Nic also looked at it and this could be rather cool.

4 - PJ's Seam - Talking with Paul Jones a while back he said he did a line up the seam in the damp, dark cave on the right face of this boulder. He didn't seem super keen on the line and said that it wasn't his best work.

5 - Left Face - There should be an easier slabby problem up the sunny face around the corner from the direct.


I'm psyched. Motivation is growing...


  1. Let's go clean!

  2. The Direct version is stupid and not a problem. It would be a eliminate or a least a terrible contrivance. The way I see it The greatest show face has a left and right exit and the right exit should just climb up the arete. I am coming back in 2 weeks to do all 300 problems on the GS boulder.


  3. Wow the boulder looks Immaculate in that photo!