Friday, April 9, 2010

The Weekend

Alright ya'll, what's up for this weekend?? Sounds like we might have a busy one here.

Here's what my weekend might look like.

Friday - Ride to work slightly hungover from scotch/bourbon the night before, work a half day, ride to Burrito Drive, ride to Boulders, eat said burrito, try and warm up my broken fingers, set finals, forerun, scam a ride home with Katie, Bourbon, eat, Scotch, Bourbon, sleep.

Saturday - Wake up again slightly hungover, pack car for bouldering extravaganza to D Lake, eat two bacon egg and cheese bagels, ride ferry, bitch about hiking too much, confirm that yes the thing on my back is in fact a suitcase, bitch about my legs being too tired from riding bikes too much, get rad on something, punt, get rad on something else, punt even harder, stop at the "boat" and get ice cream even though i didn't send anything, watch people get rad on the fake rocks, drink, eat, drink, spot, drink, watch finals, pass out.

Sunday - Wake up possibly hungover again, realize that i'm a lightweight (though not as bad as iRVine), possibly get rad with dobbe and remo, hope that dobbe has more bday cake, send shit, get totally sicky gnar gnar on shit, eat more ice cream, go home and vow not to drink that night, grill out, drink bourbon, pass out.

So, what is everyone doing??? Who wants in for the lake? Anyone coming to the comp?? Should be a good one. Sweaty? Runnells?

Do it.


  1. A pedantic note: it's not a boat, it is a submarine. Oh and there are snipers on the railway track.

  2. i would love to as it is going to be beautiful but have stuff to get done around here. cleaning, wedding stuff... maybe bed, bath and beyond. i dont know. i dont know if there will be enough time.

  3. @Sweaty- learn to say "yes dear I like that pattern". Don't miss that at all! LOL

    @Steve- lookin like life will get in the way of the weekend, tomorrow soccer for the boy, another kid's birthday party, blah blah blah. Got lucky and got out to DL Thursday and GD today, today was great after completely failing miserably on Perfect Medium and Sex and Chocolate. 2 more ticked off the list at the Dodge. I think I have 6 more V4 and up problems to do there, but I probably won't ever do Flavor Savor...

    Have fun this weekend. Might take the boy to Boulders, maybe see you there. ce

  4. My plan is to wish I hadn't been leaving the RRG when the weather was so good yesterday

  5. I am going to Sandstone and praying to God Paul does not flash the Raven. I will also not be drinking because I will be doping up on ibuprofen so I can lift my arm above my head.


  6. did you hurt yourself again man? my guess is he does it second try! :-)

  7. @Sweaty, you keep hitting refresh today on this site too? :) ce

  8. You guys shouldn't be expecting a new post today. Sorry. Tomorrow.

  9. Dammit Steve. I would have just slept through today had I known! ce

    PS. Anyone wants to hit the Lake Wednesday after work, maybe 5:30 ish I would like to check out Greatest Show area. Will be arriving there ~5:30pm. Climb till dark?