Thursday, April 29, 2010


Katie and I are leaving in an hour or so to go back to Governor Dodge for the afternoon. I'm actually pretty excited. First time in a pretty long time that I'm truly excited to go up to Dodge.

Goal for the day is Sandstone Violence. We've got all our pads and I want to finish it off. We'll see how it goes.....I've got that good nervous going on right now. Cannot wait.


  1. oooooooh edge of my seat here!

    On another note, I got a text from someone who stole Sweaty's phone last night, that person apparently went sport climbing at Willow! How weird! ce

  2. Good luck Steve, violence that sandstone!

  3. Thanks everyone. Sadly I didn't sack up. That last move to the break terrifies me for some reason. Having one spotter that I outweigh by about 60 pounds didn't help...More soon.