Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well my weekend went much the way I planned. Here you go.

Friday - Leave work at noon, stop and get Burrito on the way to the gymnasium, arrive at the gym to find it dark and locked, use secret squirrel beta to get in, almost get knocked out by Phil and his metal water bottle, laugh nervously about how he thought I was an intruder, eat said burrito, set totally rad sicky gnar gnar opening sequence for finals number one, get stumped on the middle move and work on it for 5 hours straight trying it over and over, finally figure it out 60 plus tries later, wait for Gunther von Punt to arrive to forerun said finals, tweak problem and go home happy, no drinking tonight.

Saturday - Wake up tired and sore from too much try hard the night before, drive to the lake, do two warmups, sit on crash pads till Chris and Sarah show their faces, watch them climb a bit, talk about how tired we are, try Show Me The Kind, punt with Chris a lot, get rained on, watch Chris finish in the rain, drop Katie off at home, find a flask at Hy-Vee, sleep, get mad at pup for poopin' in the bathroom, fill flask with some tasty scotch, watch everyone get rad at the gymnasium, drink, watch people punt at the gymnasium, give away free shit as the keg gets tapped, scotch ale is so good, drink more, spot finals, drink sum more, watch Katie shake her head at me and my flask, comp ends and watch everyone in the audience try finals, watch everyone get demoralized when they see that they didn't make finals for a reason, go home, sleep. Lots

Sunday - Wake up surprised that I'm not more hungover, drive to DL and hike out to Steinke (Very cool stuff), take lots of peecturs, drive to the North shore and try to hike along railroad tracks to find more sicky rad gnar boulders, get turned back by swarms of black flys, drive home, wait for katie as she books her tickets to Hueco, grill out, get mad at pup for poopin again, sleep.

Alright, enough foolishness. Steinke is way cool and has and absolute ton of potential I think. I know Rhoads, Vinny and Remo spent some time out there last year but it's got the potential to be a fairly major area. I saw the Steinke Wall and the Triple Tower Wall. I got lucky and found the Steinke Wall first by accident. Pretty cool looking stuff very reminiscent of the North Shore bouldering.

I had the GPS for the Triple Tower Wall and found that pretty easily. It's only about 5 minutes from the first area and both areas are less than five minutes off the main trail. Seems like there is just a shitload of potential for this area. Feels fairly remote for DL and the trees actually felt rather open.

Triple Tower is a cool little area as well. It's got some shorter stuff along with some taller things mixed in. Definitely want to go back.

The project at Triple Tower is moderately cool. I was hoping for something a little better but it's good enough to spend some time on it. One boulder will have to be moved but it shouldn't be an issue.

Who's in???


  1. Cool Steve, glad you liked Steinke. Loads of potential, with some really highball shit. I'm always game to head out there. If we could only bring the landing zone we had for the comp finals, that would be perfect.

  2. Yeah, it was good to finally see it. Lots of highballs but I was surprised with how many more moderate lower stuff there was too. Could be good!

    Oh that landing would be nice for jack backwards!!! Curious about that one.

    How far are the other areas from these two??

  3. Tomorrow evening, after work, 5:30 or so, Greatest Bluff and Greatest Show. I'll bring some beer. Let's flail! ce

  4. good luck eggnuts! send that rig.

  5. LOL Sweaty, we'll see. I predict a send, but not until March or April of 2012. Be happy to pull my ass off the ground. Let me know when you're headed up here. ce

  6. Argh! I wish I could join you!! On an 8 hour conference call today.

    Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds.

  7. 8 hours on the phone-- ugh. I would probably spend the time mostly watching garageclimber vids on youtube.

    The Greatest Bluff area is pretty cool. Friction at DL, a very strange feeling. Greatest Show is hard. Always looks easier in videos. I did onsight a Gay Gigolo, haha. Weekend weather looks good. Yesterday was a little warm for April. Skeeters is out. ce

  8. thanks for the youtube channel plug. lol. if only i knew how to edit it or something. As it stands I place the camera on a rock and then upload it to the computer. for someone in my twenties, I have the technical capacity of someones grandfather.