Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Punt Of The Month - February - A Community Decision

UPDATE - In the last 24 hours we've gotten two more gems from lovely Katie.

1 - "That's how the cookie tumbles! Crumbles............no...............................tumbles."

2 - "Get out of my room!! NO!! WAY!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!! Dammit."

So I'm stuck. I've got two punters, both repeat offenders, that are up for re-election to the punting seat.

RV and Katie. Both punted this trip but sent right after.

Here are their cases.

Not sure I need to elaborate on RV's previous issues. On top of that though he hurt his wrist, went in a hot tub(which is like cheating death for him), got a sticker at Aretha's for eating two meals and then actually almost died. For reals. He also punted off of Jerry's Kids and Eliminator. At least he sent Jerry's Kids though.

Katie has a way with words. What else can I say. Here are some of my faves.

- "Third times a try! Wait. No. That's not it."

- "OH NO!!! YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!!!!!" - She screamed this gem as we sped by the smoking car on the side of a highway, windows rolled up, at 70 mph on our last trip to TN.

- "Wait. Wait. They tell you where to throw the ball from?!?!?" - This was said on our first trip to LRC as we went to the back area, passing over the tee box. She's not one for the golfing.

- "That's enough from the Peanut Factory!!" - She yelled this one at me last week as I heckled RV from the top of a boulder. Sofie was polite enough to correct her.

All of these are spoken with the utmost sincerity and are 100% real. She's not trying to be funny or absurd. That's just how her brain works.

As for the trip itself, Katie punted briefly on Pythagorean Theorum before satching it up soon after. As a bonus she almost hit RV after he kindly let her know that she punted. So that was fun. She also narrowly avoided death, regularly wore short pants with mid calf stripey socks and walked across the walking bridge in Chattanooga. That last bit might be considered mundane to most of us but it was her greatest send of the trip as she used to suffer from a crippling fear of big bridges. I couldn't be more proud of her.

I'm 50/50 on this one but have a feeling which way it'll go. I think they're both deserving. I'm happy to say that I didn't punt once on our trip. Always a nice treat.

The poll will be open for 2 days.

Who's it gonna be???


  1. I will say Katie's chances are looking good, Some of those quotes are just too classic! But she crushed it down there. Good work Katie. But RV, I mean come on, he makes it all the way from Cali to the southeast just to hurt his wrist= PUNTER! And he probably just heckled and ate everyones food. RV gets my vote.

  2. Woah, RV off to a huge lead already. Awesome.

    He did get one or two good days in, between injuries. But still. What a punt.

  3. punt defined, according to New Oxford American Dictionary:

    punt - (n) a long, narrow, flat-bottomed boat, square at both ends and propelled with a long pole, used on inland waters chiefly for recreation.

    Key word; recreation. RV=recreational vehicle. Therefore, RV=punt.

    Having nothing to do with climbing at all, naturally.


    At least you all get to climb outside. I'm stuck in class everyday. Talk about a punt...

  4. RV cause he isn't white...

    I can't help but feel like that came out harsher than normal. O well.

  5. Oh sweaty, i really love your comments. they're always so good. I actually laughed out loud at that one. coworker asked me what was so funny.

    couldnt' really repeat that one.

  6. ha. that is the highest compliment that can be given sir.

  7. In the defense of brownies everywhere:

    1) Before messing my wrist up, I didn't even come close to punting. It was either flash or complete fail.

    2) The hurting of the wrist wasn't really a punt. If I hadn't been trying for the flash it would have probably not happened. Steve felt a tweak in his wrist too on that move.

    3) The so called punt on Jerry's kids was due to the wrist. So doesn't really count.

    4) I did almost die and hence deserve some sympathy.

    5) I am brown, but so is Katie (honorary).

    6) Remo: I didn't heckle much, but I did eat everyone's food. Steve and Katie do have the best snacks.

  8. We do like our snacks.

    I really can only hope that this will be an honest election this time round. Only time will tell.

  9. `I really can only hope that this will be an honest election this time round.'


    Silly Steve, you crack me up.


  11. See amusingly enough, I have only voted once. I didn't even cheat in the last poll on shoes.

  12. hahaha, katie is hilarious!

  13. Hah. I know right?? It's fantastic!

    So glad we got to catch up with you even for a little bit!! We'll have to climb more next time!!

  14. Yes, next time we will have to coordinate a little better! So good seeing and climbing with you guys though! Maybe I'll come to WI sometime!