Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I wanted to go climbing this weekend. I really did. Saturday was too cold and it was snowing. Sunday...well....on Sunday I was far too hungover to go climbing. It sounded like Adam, Ben and Jeremy had a nice day at Dodge though, so that's good.

Awesome stuff that happened this weekend...

Katie made this:

After making a cake version of my headless teddy bear chalkbag, a foot tall cupcake and then my Organic Big Pad she had a lot to live up to. Somehow she did it and made me a freestanding penguin. Utter amazement.

For those that don't know, the Penguin is my power animal. RV will try to convince you that he came up with that but it's all lies. Dirty lies.

Remo did this:

Chris and Adam ate these:

Which allowed them to do this without consequence:

Without the magic fruit tablets you'll look like this:

After Adam took the tablets he couldn't taste his beer, which made him sad:

After that we played a game of foam bowling(thanks Chris n Sarah!!!!!!!):

For the last frame we put up some obstacles:

Basing my decision solely on amount of strikes, I won:

At one point after my first strike I got so excited that I jumped up and broke our kitchen light with my fist:

Remo was nice enough to get me a bag of Petzl Chalk. Jon made me a 3 foot by 2 foot paper mache` pretzel which is now hanging in our living room. Totally sick. Chris and Sarah got me a giant gangster chocolate bunny and a foam bowling set. Also some jelly beans. Awesome. And Katie got me a thermos with a handle on it. It's gigantic. She also put two Petzl stickers together and made one that said "Pretzl". Fantastic.

Even cooler though, she got me a little Flip Cam video camera. I'm excited about that and will be posting videos on Wisconsin Bouldering once I get it going again. So keep an eye out for that.

Finally, some vidoes!! The first is of Chris doing Moj:

And Katie. Poor poor Katie. Can't be much closer without doing it:


  1. That cake is the most awesome cake I have ever seen. And Steve is a dirty lying whore, the penguin is my thing. He didn't even know what a penguin was till I told him.

    Also, just for the record: Adam Remus sucks.

  2. Wow, Katie that is heartbreaking! At least I know my beta isn't the problem, I just need to get as strong as Katie! Maybe in a couple years... ce

  3. Isn't it CRAZY eggy??? So insanely heartbreaking! Seriously can't get any closer and not do it. She's trying to figure out how to do it before month's end.

    RV, you're the whore and you know it. That's all.

  4. thursday morning. last chance or I am giving up climbing forever. I will have so much spare time to acquire new pets then!

  5. Oooooohhh don't say that. I've said that type of thing before, and it does NOT make the send any easier... ce

  6. Even I screamed "NOOOOO!" after the last go.

    My, my, my...everyone is soooo excited about puny little rocks!

  7. Oh rhoads, we're always excited about the puny rocks. The last go was so sad.

  8. THAT IS THE COOLEST CAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KATIE IS MY NEW HERO!!!!!!!! Katie send that thing already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A (belated) happy many returns man!

    That cake is fricken awesome!

  10. 1) I can't believe how smooth Katie looks on that and I have great sympathy for her repeated punting. Actually sending is a mere formality, but on the bright side she gets to keep trying one of the best problems at the Lake.

    2) Is that where people are starting Jenga now? Left hand in the slot thing right hand on the face as opposed to awkwardly matching in the slot? I'm not trying to become the Jamie Emerson of WI climbing but I was just curious when I saw that.

  11. 1 - very good point brian. It really is one of the best at the lake.

    2 - Yeah, Ive seen people start it both ways now. Katie does it that way cause it's more enjoyable for her to climb it that way. She's done it matching on the slot and the way you see it in the video but for her It's a bit more natural doing it with her right on the crimp.

    Funny shit on the JE reference. That made me laugh. Next time we climb I'll let you wear the Pink Sheriffs hat! Bet it'd look good on ya. Sadly that will not be this thursday as I've got to work. What are you planning on trying??? Weather should be amazing.

  12. I always had tunnel vision on the match which was not a very fun way to start so I'm definitely curious to try this other method.

    No real plans. I've been a sport climber the last month so I'm not sure where my bouldering is at. Just psyched to spend some time outside finally.

  13. Yeah, I think I fit a middle ground on that start. Taller folks have to put their heel by their ear and shorter folks can't reach the key foot. That said, I've done it both ways and def prefer with the right on the edge rather than matched. Just a bit less awkward.

    As for you climbing, I'm just happy you're getting out some more. If I remember right you've got a nice little list for the lake this year...Time to get to work I guess!

  14. Katie- Just because Steve is a huge punter doesn't mean you have to follow in his daintly little footsteps. Ian

  15. Oh yeah, that cupcakes pretty cool too, never seen anything quite like it. Steve you are a lucky man - Ian