Friday, March 11, 2011


I got new shoes. These. They're sick. And softer than I thought they'd be but that's not a bad thing.

What's most unfortunate though is that I'm not gonna be able to use em for a few days. Which always sucks. Instead I'm working Canoecopia. Peddling my wares, if you must. Even worse is that Katie has been working Bike o Rama for far too long already and won't be able to climb until early next week at best.

My skin isn't happy. Katie's is furious though. I've never seen her skin do this to her. It's incredible.

Real rocks will be climbed soon enough. Weather is looking prime next week and the snow should be gone soon. Spring has been so close for so long. The snow needs to stop.

That's all I got. Anyone gonna try to get out this weekend???


  1. We are Sandstone is prime right now. I am coming out next weekend.. Should be fun! GET DRUNK. I have to work on Saturday, prolly most of the day but Sunday is wide open.

  2. Remo and I talked about getting out on you work Steve/Katie?