Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, In Review

Five notable things happened Saturday.

1 - Nic was hiking around in the talus, fell, cut his arm open and had to go to the hospital. It was pretty fucked up. As a bonus it seems he found a cool roof.

2 - Katie. I don't even know what to say here. So many punts off of Jenga. It was truly heartbreaking to watch and yet very evident that it'll go down soon for her. It's putting up a bitch of a fight though. Her hand was literally ON the jug multiple times.

3 - Chris got employee of the day by absolutely fucking HIKING Moj. It was truly impressive and fun to watch. Really psyched we got to see it.

4 - The corner project by Moj seems like it will go but will be balls hard. If that gets opened up then there will be a brutally hard sit start that could go into Moj. I'm extremely excited about this project as it's short - only 5-6 moves long - and really powerful off of absolutely terrible feet and small crimps that are just barely enough to make you believe it'll go.

After trying it a year and a half ago I was convinced it wouldn't go at all. I feel different about it now and that's encouraging.

5 - I'm sorry to announce that Nic beat me in Pad Golf. What can I say. I'm embarassed. I mean it was my first round of the year and I only lost by one stroke(two if you count the freebie I gave him). Give him credit, he came back from a debilitating defeat last summer and had some very impressive throws.

BONUS - We got items 2 and 3 on video so once Esser posts that somewhere I'll get it up on here.

I will say that for a first week of the season shits going well so far. Magnum PI got worked over three times, Jenga almost got did, The Zipper went down and Moj saw it's 5th suitor I think. A good sign of shit to come.

I'll leave you with a bunch of pictures of Nic looking like a fool and trying to stand on a big pad.

Totally aces.


  1. Little Nic-E... I hope you're ok big guy!

  2. Oh sweaty, you'd have enjoyed it. your kind of day for sure. How's the hernia coming along? That's what you had right? Not herpies.

  3. well i still have the herp but yes my recent surgery was for hernias. I'm coming around. hoping to make it to the lake a time or 2 though I don't know waht kind of 'climbing shape' I'll be in.

  4. Nice work Chris, crushing it!
    I was just thinking that Moj had a nest built on it for most of the spring last year. So if people want to work it, they better do it soon.

  5. Yep, get it done by mid to late april and you should be good.