Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Things Are Happening

Well, Remo found a couple of cool looking projects this past week and he added yet another talus field to the circuit. This one seems like it could hold a few gems and sounds like a rather benign approach. I, for one, am psyched to at least see the projects on Saturday.

The "Get Up Stand Up" project looks very cool and I'm excited to try it once Remo gives it some more effort! Sounded like he was so close! On top of that the "Block Party" project looks pretty cool too. Looks short but sounds like it's super hard. I'm curious to try that one out a bit and see what it's like.

Katie is up at Jenga right now with Adam hoping to finish it up before months end. If she does she just might avoid Punt Of The Month. I really hope she finishes it up today as its been kind of epic for her and it's always good to put those things behind you.

We'll see what happens I guess!


  1. for the first time in my life I hope someone fails. I cannot be punt of the month..


  2. Well, you're in luck nic. She ripped a giant flapper off when she hit the jug one go. She just sent me a bloody picture. I was really hoping she'd do it.

    You barely missed it this time. It'll happen. Just wait.

  3. Seriously?! Once again, seriously?! She never has bad skin! That's supposed to be my job.


  4. You know, I was thinking about it. Katie at least is trying really f'in hard. She should get credit for that. Nic shows up, falls in the talus and splits his arm open- I mean that's bad. Katie's still a huge Punter! That finish hold is probably the biggest hold on the West Bluff. Tough call, but I still vote for Nic.


    p.s. Nic, you can redeem yourself by shipping a nice new pair of Quantums to me. ;)

  5. I sent all the climbs I did that day... most of them ONSIGHT FREESOLO!!!


    Send me a order (fontana) I will send you shoes.