Friday, April 1, 2011

Punt Of The Month - March

Well now. Here we are. I was really hoping Nic would get punt of the month. He deserved it. Here's his case:

- Drove 4 hours to Madison. Climbed at the gym for a few hours and then started drytooling. Broke a hold. A Nicros hold, just to top it all off. Punt

- Drove 1 hour to the lake and then failed to stand on top of two big pads after repeated effort. Punt

- Did some 5.6's and then cut his arm open walking over to Jenga. Had to hike out and go to the doctor to get it glued up. Punt

- Both the Ranger and the Doctor were dicks to him cause they didn't like his tone. Punt

- Drove an hour back to Madison, at a burrito and passed out on our couch. No Punt. Burritos are good.

- Set the Union South wall with a busted arm and forgot his socks, charger and something else at our house. Punt

- Drove 4 hours back to Minneapolis not having climbed anything and called it his least productive climbing weekend ever. Punt

- Ended up driving a minimum of 10 hours only to buy Katie a bottle of Adult Chocolate Milk(which is DAMN strong btw). Punt

But then Katie threw a wrench in the gears. Here's her case:

- Repeated, uncountable punts off the last move on Jenga. Over and over and over. All caught on video. Punt

On one hand we have a general life punt. Nic wasn't trying hard or doing anything difficult for himself, he just slipped and fell and started bleeding. Dude was just walking...On really slippery quarzite.

On the other hand we have someone who's trying incredibly hard and coming up just short. Albeit many times, but coming up just short. It is possibly the definition of punting. I mean seriously, watch the video. Textbook punt.

Now, I've equalized the two cause they're pretty inexcusable. Both of them. Individually in any other month they'd win outright, but we have this truly incredible circumstance where I've got two clear winners. Two people that punted so hard it's difficult to comprehend. Neither of them are winners here. But there has to be one clear loser. It'd be sheer chaos if I just took the easy way out and made them both punt of the month.

How did I decide you ask? How did I separate two perfectly equal but totally different punts? It's an almost impossible task but after some soul searching I figured out what I had to do. It was so simple after I thought of it. So easy.

I brought it down to the bribes.

Nic bought me a six pack of Double Cream Stout and a bottle of incredibly strong boozed up Chocolate Milk.

Katie made me a cake in the shape of a penguin.

Katie wins.

Nic loses.

Nic, YOU are Punt Of The Month. And I want you to know that this wasn't an easy decision to make. If you had made me a cake in the shape of a penguin AND gotten me some boozy chocolate milk, you'd have won.

But you didn't. I look forward to procuring your prize at Goodwill this week.


  1. Oh man, so good! I love the build up and the drama. Thank you Sicky Gnar Gnar for making this one of the most emjoyable months of the Punt! Congrats Nic!
    Katie- you are still a huge Punter. Send that thing already! Hopefully you send today. :)

  2. enjoyable(sp)

  3. It wasn't just Nic's attitude. All Doctors are dicks. ce

  4. Sweaty- Yes! I'm going to head up and climb tomorrow night and camp out. Then climb all day Wed. Dobbe and a crew are planning on meeting me later in the day. What are your plans?

  5. plan is to do some work on my way up and then after I hit Madison to head up to the lake. I am not in climbing shape but would be psyched to try some shit.

  6. eggnuts is in for the late afternoon! awesomeness.

  7. Oh man. this is looking prime. Looks like Katie and I are maybe heading up that morning and if I can find a ride back for me and my pad I'd stay the rest of the day.......we'll see. Gotta check some work stuff.

  8. Awesome Steve! Dobbe, Aaron and I are going up tomorrow night, but I am for sure in for Wed too. Send fest!

  9. Ditto that Mr. Schultz. If rain looks unlikely I might bring the Rumbler. We could make it back to Madison in about 8 minutes. ce