Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Energy

Man the energy around here is just incredible right now. People are so psyched and it's awesome to see first hand. On Tuesday Remo took a crew of people up to try the Get Up Stand Up project and Vince figured out some super high foot and sent the thing. Nicely done! Called it Night Grinder and put it up at V6. Apparently it's pretty sketchy too. Even better.

Then yesterday Remo, Sweaty and Eggnuts went up to the West Bluff and re-found an area that Hefty, Peter and I had climbed in a bit. It made me abnormally happy to see the pictures come up on Mountain Project this morning. The line that we did isn't amazing or super proud or uber hard but it was one of the final unresolved things leftover from the Fall '05 season.

I've put in a decent amount of work trying to make sure that Peter's contributions have gone recognized as he was the one that got me excited about the lake. He changed my mind about the area and showed me a glimmer of its potential. Often times I find myself wishing he were around to help in the renaissance that we're experiencing here. The Futballer Direct and the Fire Road boulders were kind of the last bits of info that hadn't quite hit in full.

It makes me happy that those boulders won't be lost anymore. It really surprises me that no one else found them throughout the last two years though. I definitely spent some time searching for them myself.

And right now Katie and Adam are up at Massive Vertigo. Katie linked into the pinch on her 4th go but fell off going to the good hold on the arete. On top of that it seems Mr. Narc is on his way up to the lake and I'm guessing he's going to start trying Keymaker. He seemed excited about it and he seemed to do well on the traverse and tried the upper section a bit. Curious how that'll go for him!

Can't say it enough but good things are happening right now. People are trying to get up to the lake as much as possible by making time for it. It's something that we didn't do last year. If time wasn't there then oh well, we wouldn't go up. This year people are putting in the work and making room to go climbing. It's often overlooked how much of a commitment it can be to take all your free time and put it towards something like this.

And I'll leave you with a quick video of Beautiful Soup and Keymaker. My footage is the bomb. For reals.

Devil's Lake Bouldering - Beautiful Soup, Keymaker from Steve Schultz on Vimeo.


  1. To the bitches in the video: get your hand of his butt, that butt is mine!

  2. See what happens when you're not around to police this shit?!?!? Bitches be gettin' fresh.

  3. i thought it had really smooth transitions.

  4. THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!! THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hate school. All I do during my breaks is look at this, and want to cry. I just want to climb!!!!! :(

  6. @Jeremy H: Quit your damn whining. You have no excuse not to be able to go to the Lake or the Dodge at least 3 times a week.

  7. @Steve: You are a whore for letting other people give you butt boosts. Well at least none of them are brown. Although, next you'll break my heart by telling me that you've found a `stool partner' replacement.

  8. Oh and while I am all riled up and shit. Let me just say: Adam Remus sucks!

  9. Listen hear Dark roast,

    Shut up..

    go back to china.


    that big boulder looks sick, I am in for checking it out on a rope!


  10. @Nic: Don't call me dark, I am cappucino brown. Besides, you should be on my side, those guys in the video were actually grabbing Steve's butt. His BADONKADONK! The BADONK that we are supposed to have an exclusive claim on!

    Oh and Remo is cool, just that Adam Remus guy sucks.

  11. Nic, that boulder is super cool, and I truly think it will be hard. We were also inspecting the Impossiproject again, and think it will still be very hard, even if you try to turn over to the left early. We need to get on this shit, so good!

    RV, just so you know I was rooting for Pakistan in the Cricket match. Oooh, was that too harsh! I hope so.