Friday, April 15, 2011

Season So Far

A month ago I posted some predictions and I gotta say, we're doing pretty well so far.

Beautiful Soup is 2 for 5. Moj is 1 for 2. Keymaker will get done for sure by Chris very soon and hopefully I'll get it done too. Ian has a hurt digit and wants to work Greatest Show since it won't be tweaky.

We're 1 of 10 on new problems and seem to find new projects weekly. I believe pretty firmly that the Corner Project will fall into V10 or harder with the eventual sit to Moj checking in at an even more desperate level. The Tilted Project seems brutally hard but absolutely stunning and there are more projects out there for sure.

I can say with relative ease that there are only 2-3 established problems I'm psyched on right now. Cleaning up these projects are the next level for the lake and are only going to add to the general feel and psyche of the area.

I hate to get all huggy huggy here but this has been a really cool year so far. The sheer amount of psyche and energy coming from all the different players is encouraging and honestly, astounding to me. It takes much more than one person to make a great season and everyone has been around so far. People are making sacrifices and creating time to get out. It's something that doesn't happen all that often and it's one of the reasons I look back on 2009 with such good memories.

Nic is coming down for the second time this year to try a couple of projects(assuming he isn't a dumbass again). Eggsack has a full time job, a wife and two kids but still somehow makes time to get out and send V8's like they're nothing. Katie and Adam have been going out weekly squeezing in early morning sessions before work. Chris and Sarah have been making time between having brand new jobs and buying a house(congrats!!!). Runnells and crew end up having to drive 4 hours round trip but have still found time to get out multiple days. Dobbe, Aaron and Gabe all got out to the new problem up in the East Bluff fields between new jobs/relationships/general insanity. Hell, even sweaty was able to make it up here once so far. Considering an almost 8 hour round trip(insane) we all have nothing to bitch about.

It's those types of sacrifices and commitment that make special years happen. I really can't say enough about how cool its been to see the general level of psych grow. On top of being psyched, things are going down and people are getting close on whatever projects they have. It's sick to see first hand.

I'll leave you with two things.

1 - Josh sent me a new pack yesterday. It's ridiculously awesome and I've been waiting for it to come out ever since I saw it last summer. It's yellow and black and small and perfect. It's awesome. Everyone should buy one. They're cheap.

2 - Here's a video of Katie hiking Massive Vertigo for its FFA.

Devil's Lake Bouldering - Massive Vertigo from Steve Schultz on Vimeo.


  1. Nice to see the punter not blow it grabbing the jug :-) Wait that was a different problem. Now I'm having a hard time keeping track of Punty's punts. Crap.

  2. Also I'm nominating punt of the month go to my poison ivy... its itchy and continuing to spread.

  3. Nomination accepted. Also, I hear bathing in sour cream helps poison ivy. Just try it. Don't ask questions.

    Report back though.....

  4. I have been bathing in sour cream for years at least twice a week... sometimes i bring steak and tortillas and kill 2 birds with one stone. Delicious!

  5. Man. That's just such a good mental image. I imagine with a giant smile on your face, right?

  6. I too now have that image in my head- ah! After the bars a buddy of mine took a bath while eating a whole pizza. The things people will do.
    Good post by the way Steve. More predictions will be met this Sunday, I can feel it!

  7. With a big shit eating grin in all of my awesome nakedness.

  8. sometimes i pretend I'm jaws and go swimming around the tub with my hands pointed over my head like a fin. Just cruising little laps in my creamy white ocean.

  9. I'm still not seeing predictions for the ladies Mr. Steve. Uber Frown


  10. Sweaty: That's not poison ivy. You shouldn't have touched anything at Visions when you were there on your Lake visit.

  11. Amazing start to a season that really has been marred by loads of shitty weather as well. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be good.

    Katie will send Jenga her next time up there and at least one V8 or harder this season. If not 2 to 3.

    Sandstone Violence will also get it's FFA in 2011.

    -older weaker ce

  12. Told ya Katie! ce