Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's On

Well, the season is on I guess. Magnum P.I. got worked over this past week getting 3 sends and now Remo has done the Zipper! Really good work buddy!! Sounds like he's putting it in the 7 points category as it felt a smidge easier than EZ's other 8's. That'd fall in line with what Todd and Peter used to say about the problem. They called it V6 multiple times but I think that was a bit much and they both had the thing wired. Either way about it sick work and this is the first time it's been done in a long time. Possibly since Todd's bday challenge in 03 or 04. Proud work Remo.

I've said this multiple times now but THIS is the season for the lake. As good as 09 was 11 will be better. Overall psych is overflowing at this point and Remo and I in particular are ready to do work.

Either get on the bus now or sit back and watch. I don't care what you do but get ready. It's gonna be an epic one.

Predictions to come tomorrow.


  1. Nice work Remo. That pic of you it's so damn tall. Proud.

    Prediction: I will be in Hawaii very soon. Need a vacation. Hope the radiation cloud blows the other way.


  2. I'm not sure why you're taking a climbing trip to Hawaii eggy. They never have good temps.

    We gotta get your head screwed on straight.

  3. Eggy is looking for the elusive volcano in the middle of a tsunami FA.

  4. We're all looking for the illusive ship R.V. out of the states FA.