Friday, February 25, 2011


So. Exciting day yesterday.

We hear about rockfall all the time in the trad and alpine worlds. New sport routes and boulder problems need cleaning but other than that, we don't hear about it a whole lot at the boulders. Especially not on established classics that have had hundreds of climbers do them.

This came off the top of Cleopatra yesterday. It was right around 30 pounds and came from the upper most part of the picture up top.

It landed almost directly where RV had been standing. Luckily he darted out of the way when the climber from Vermont accidentally knocked it loose.

This is what happens when a rock hits your jacket. FYI.

Thankfully everyone was ok and all that got hurt were a couple fleeces and a jacket. It was, however, a sobering reminder of the game we all play. What we do, what many of us live for, can have very serious consequences. Even for us lowly boulderers.

Shit can happen. Shit does happen. I don't mean to get too weepy-eyed and huggy huggy, but thank the people you love often. Count your blessings when you have an injury free day and can go home to a warm house and a cold drink.

If that had hit any one of us there's a very good chance we wouldn't be around to talk about it.


  1. That's so funny. I had been hoping for sometime that a 30 lb boulder would land on RV... So close. I will have to keep my fingers crossed a bit longer :-)

    glad you guys are ok. scary!

  2. HAH! Thanks sweaty. Can always count on you.

  3. Good. God...Did Katie get hit by the rock, or was her jacket in the warpath?

  4. nope, it just landed on her jacket. killed my monkey jacket too.

  5. Bummer...glad you all ok, though.