Monday, February 7, 2011

Punt Of The Month - January

Only a week and a half till we leave for the south. It's snowing right now and Ian couldn't take it anymore. He's leaving tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Ian. The panel of judges has decided that he deserved the Punt of the Month for January.

1 - He moved back to Wisconsin.

2 - He moved back to Wisconsin in January.

3 - He moved back to Wisconsin in January knowing full well that he'd be relegated to the gym.

4 - He hates gym climbing.

So there you have it. It's truly rare you see someone move BACK to Wisco. I did it, and it turned out very well.

Nic did it and he's run out of things to climb. His life has reeled lower and lower and now he's just another bum living life in the bottle.

Ian did it and lasted less than a month. Proud effort but he just couldn't make it another week till the weather turned.

Well played bud. Well played.

So congrats Ian. You join the likes of Katie, Ray, Remo, RV, myself and ClimbX. It's truly an illustrious group

Go 'merica. Also, RV is moving to Boulder. We have to make fun of him. Nic already called him the "wooden end of a tool". Awesome.


  1. I might be a tool for moving to Boulder, but the other possibility had been to move to Scotland. Now would that have made me a bigger tool?

  2. I dunno, they have much better booze over there.

  3. Yeah, but I am a light weight.

  4. The legend in the POTM grows! I will send RV a pair of XS Man-pris and a beanie so he fits in with the "scene" <3

  5. Remo and Rhoads' ugly mugs in the latest Climbing mag! Nice job gentlemen. ce

  6. Glad to see you're still checking in here Ray. We miss your creepyness round these parts!