Friday, July 2, 2010

The Battle Continues

Well, summer hasn't let up quite like it did last year. We've been left with pretty heinous conditions for the past couple months. We're hoping it holds out to be a decent enough day tomorrow. Should be a fucking zoo at the lake but oh well. I just want to climb some real rock. I've had enough of the fake rocks lately.

On a positive note RV and Melin had a seemingly good day out earlier this week. From RV it sounds like Travis gave the Falling Pieces project some good attempts and then they moved down the hill to work on Moj. Once more RV stuck the crux move "7-8" times but couldn't quite link the tough S.O.B. He said that every time he'd do the move one of his hands would grease off on the next moves. One time he even greased off of the right hand juglet.

Proud work in the summer bud. I don't care if you didn't send it, really proud. It'll go very soon for you with even halfway decent conditions.

After that they moved down the field to Dumpster Diving which Travis did quickly. A final stop at Pete's Pebble apparently showed just how worked over Mr. Melin was as all out full body failure ensued. RV tells me that Travis has vowed to come back and project it until he sends. He will vanquish the beast!

Too damn funny.

I hope everyone has a good 4th and don't blow a finger off. Remo, I'm talking to you! No more injuries.


  1. I like this pick on Remo trend. More please!

    On the topic of Moj: although it felt real good to stick the crux move more than once, in the end there are no brownie points for valiant efforts. You are only allowed to get ice cream if you send. And damn do I want that delicious ice cream.

  2. I am thinking of a Sunday, Monday adventure.. you down?


  3. Sunday was pretty awful at the Dodge, but at Group B since it's a little more open and higher for wind, it was ok (just ok- not good). Saturday would have been the day to get out-- sounds like it was fun and nice out.

    Funny, travis usually sandbags by ~2 number grades as we all know, strong bastard. IMO Pete's Pebble is not easy. 'Specially at the end of a day. Hoping it cools down... ce

  4. Went to the Dodge on Saturday and the conditions were surprisingly good. I thought it was going to be a horrible sauna full of bugs but the wind kept the heat and the critters away.

    Hope everyone had a great 4th.