Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Like A Swedish Fish

Katie went to her sister's bachelorette party this weekend. It was at the Wilderness. She got all sorts of drunk Saturday night and got back to her hotel at 3 in the AM. Funny.

Apparently there was a lot of Penis paraphernalia at the party too. This is just what I was able to glean from the bookface. Dong stethescopes, dong straws, dong nametags, dong sippy cups, dong slippers, dong shaped soap, sex position toilet paper, dong ring toss, pin the junk on the hunk, dong necklaces, dong eyeglasses, dong arm rhinestones, dong balloons and a dong headpiece.

Oh....and a 6 foot tall inflatable penis.

I never had ANY idea there was that type of a market out there. As Nic said so eloquently, "So much cock..". Couldn't have said it any better.

As for me, I made a weak attempt at climbing on Saturday. As I drove around the corner I saw this:

I laughed a little and parked over by the boats. Bus driver man had gotten his bus stuck about 2 feet deep in the muck and mud. As I was turning the corner the tow truck man was coming up behind. When I walked back through they were all gone but I was pleased to have seen such a thing.

With that I began my solo hike to the new Dog Walk boulder. When I finally got through the sweat, heat and wet mini talus it turned out that everything was soaked to the bone. I took some pics and left.

Go into the forest just after this bench.

The right arete, "A Gentleman Never Tells".

The left arete showing both of the other potential problems.

After that I went back over to Alpine Club which was also wet and then left for the day, beaten and broken.

The next day I met Katie up at the Wilderness and we spent the day floating in the lazy river, which was fantastic!! It's a good lazy river too. Two levels connected by a slide and a conveyor belt thingy.

In the process I was burnt to an absolute crisp though. God damn. I look like a Swedish Fish.

Did anyone else get out???? Maybe on Sunday when it was AMAZING out?!?!


  1. We're headed to the Wilderness with some friends next week. Great waterpark, and yeah, great lazy river. No climbing for this guy on Sunday-- I did get to go to the pool with Luke though. Later this week it looks like it might cool down a little? September can't come soon enough. ce

  2. Oh, I did get to try the V5 barn traverse Travis refers to on mp this weekend though. We decided it should be V5 X. There are 3 seperate huge wasp nests that you have to climb across/in front of. I got stung in the face and had to jump off, 15 feet straight down right into a huge pile of horse poop. Not kidding. It was funny, but really only because I'd had a little to drink. My face still is swollen and painful. Fair to say that it did not go down for me, and I won't be projecting it, at least until freezing temps. ce

  3. WHAT are you talking about Eggnuts?!?!? getting senile in your old age.

    Wilderness kicks ass. a lot of ass.