Monday, July 12, 2010

Punt Of The Month - June

So this is a new thing for us here at the Sicky Gnar Gnar. I forgot who exactly came up with the idea so I'm taking credit for it. Hah.

Each month I'll put up the biggest punter of the prior month. I think we all know who June's Punt Of The Month is.

HAH! That's what you get for playing frisbee Remo!! You even beat out RV punting on Moj for the millionth time! I mean c'mon!!! FRISBEE?!?!?!?!

Enough of that.

Katie has taken an early lead in this month's contest but Sweaty has just pulled even with his latest triathlete comment. Nice work. Could it be that the first two Punt of the Month's don't even involve climbing????? Guess you'll just have to wait and see.

On a climbing related note we all went out to the 45 degree boulder and sweated our ASSES off on it. Holy hell it was bad out. Ray had a nice moment at the end though and pulled out an "all or nothing" style send on the left line. Nice work. More on that day soon though.


  1. I beat out RV, and the tri-athlete Sweaty, shit, this is bad.:D I am truly honored to receive and accept this award though. Life without climbing or anything for that matter sucks ass, but it is nice just relaxing for a bit.
    Cheers Steve, and thanks for the punt award.
    Climbing hopefully sooner than later,

  2. Just think of the prestige Remo. You just won the first ever 'Punt of the Month" award. You'll be able to look back on this for years to come. Cherish it. Cherish it greatly.

    I should give out Pink hats with Punt of the Month written on them.

  3. to clarify: I will be visiting devils lake tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone is interested in an afternoon session... I'm thinking a swim in the lake followed by a nice bike ride... that's about all there is to do at 'the lake' right?

  4. You could always rope climb Sweaty. Not many routes to choose from though. Or "sport rappel", whatever that means. Sorry, I'm out for tomorrow. I think after convincing the wife to let me go to the Black Hills this past weekend, it will be September before I get out climbing again. Plus my fingertips will need 2 months to recover anyway. ce

  5. they have rappelling there???? AWESOME!!!