Friday, July 9, 2010

Five Ten/Scarpa Shoe Demo

Meant to post this one up earlier today but lost track of time. A week from today everyone in the Madison/Milwaukee area should come to Boulders and try on some shoes! Nic will be there from Five Ten and Jon will be there from Scarpa.

It should be a fun time and if enough people show up to make it worth their while we can do another one sooner, rather than later. It means a lot to these reps if people actually show up to these kinds of things and it makes it a bit more worth their time/money/energy. Coming from the Montrail/trail running end of things myself it makes the whole deal much easier to swallow when people are there trying this stuff on.

So come out, try on some shoes and have some fun.

Next Friday!

Boulders Climbing Gym!!

Be there or else you suck!!!

(I don't actually know what time it'll start but I'll let you know as soon as I find out. For now assume 6-7.)


  1. Also, i may or may not be half drunk. Ooooh Delirium Tremens, you tricky son of a bitch.

  2. Supposedly from 5:00pm, from my insider knowledge.

  3. anybody down for an afternoon session tomorrow? I will be coming thru town on my way up to the cities...

  4. Dammit Sweaty. Poor timing. I'm out. Anyone else?

    When are you coming back through?

  5. bummer. i don't know. with this tri stuff i dont see myself ever visiting devil's lake again unfortunately :-)

  6. Wait what? Oh never mind I thought you said "this Bi stuff". ce