Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tunder Tighs

I'm at a show this week so posts are going to be a bit more concise than usual.

Nic came down last Friday for a demo at Boulders and rock climbing the next day. He could not have picked a worse day to come down to try hard stuff.

90 degrees. 89% humidity. Fucking heinous.

That said, we got a bit of climbing in. Nic did the possible FA of Tunder Tighs, which is a pretty cool line. I'm looking forward to getting back there actually.

Really there were three real highlights to the day.

First was when RV was nearing the end of his time on Tunder Tighs. He got super psyched up, got on the wall and really went for it. Sadly though in the hustle and bustle of getting psyched up he forgot to set his left heel which is the only thing keeping you on the wall. He went for the move and then promptly disappeared into a pit of death. All we saw was Katie's pad shifting around and then nothing. We figured he was gone forever. Nic, Katie and I were all about 20 feet away and could not stop laughing about it.

He bruised his ass a bit but was able to walk away from it with a smile.

Second was a killer round of pad golf. I made a rookie mistake and tried to traverse right to a better lie. Stupid.

RV on the other hand had the round of his life and ended up tied with me down on the trail. That said, I'm still undefeated.

Nic......Nic tried. I wish I had a participation ribbon for him. Pad golf isn't his thing I guess.

After that we went over to Pete's Pebble so Nic could get a bit of a swim in. He jumped in and we waited for him to hop out. When he did he started jabbering on about how he broke his shorts. Sure enough. He did.

His fly just plain ripped open. Then as he was showing us he flashed a family of 5 on the Tumbled Rocks Trail. Awesome. Just awesome.

Katie and I are heading out tonight. Devil's Lake is the plan. Sofie and RV may or may not join us. It will be rad either way.

Also, I did a Moonboard workout last night. Badass. I need to get stronger though.


  1. Nice post Steve. Funny it never crossed my mind to start uber low on that boulder. Looks like a nice addition and a good eye on Nic's part to note a lower start. I would like to go try it, but I ended up in the pit of death several times and wasn't super happy about it. Just ask Sweaty. I would guess I'll sack up and try it though. Looked too fun to pass up. ce

  2. Shut up Remo! No one wants to hear what dirty frisbee playing hippies have to say.

  3. Wherefore art thou Steve? So bored... ce