Monday, June 28, 2010

Comments/The Untimely Death Of Adam 'Remo' Remus

I routinely state that my favorite part of this silly little site is the comments. I really do think they're great. I could say that my favorite part is the community aspect or that everyone has a little meeting place but that'd be a lie.

My favorite part about the comments is that inevitably ALL comment strings end in us starting to talk about food, cake, candy or booze. Oh, and cheese. Every now and then some cheese is thrown in there.

Fun fact of the day right now. The last time we had a post on here that didn't get at least one comment was July 16 of last year. Fucking hell. Well done guys. Good to see you're just as bored as me most of the time.

Now, that said, we have to collectively mourn the loss of Remo. For those that don't know he sprained his ankle while playing with a frisbee. Really? I mean it's just like soccer for hippies. Either way Remo, it's been nice knowing you but I do believe it's off to the glue factory for ya.

I'll spill a bit of Whisky on the ground tonight for you. Gonna miss you man.


  1. Am I the only one who went back to last July 16th to see which one had no comments? Oh, and Steve, you are mistanken. There is a comment on that post.

    Heal up Remo. Nothing quite as crappy as a sprained ankle. I did mine a year and a half ago and still bothers me. 'Course I'm old. You should be fine young Jedi. ce

  2. Real funny Steve, I love it! My Wolverine like healing powers will have me back on my feet asap. Glass is half full right? Of beer that is!:)

    Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for the concern and nice comments. It makes a guy feel warm inside, like when you drink a lot of whiskey.

    Also, for the record, I'm throwing a Send fest this fall and all the local hardmen and women will be there performing at there best! Get your tickets now, it's selling out fast. Until then you can find me crawling among the talus fields on the West bluff, or sitting behind a register at Fontana downtown.


  3. Frisbee. At least it wasn't a real man's sport like rugby. JWilliams ;) (says the guy who jammed his finger playing basketball and couldn't climb for two weeks.)

  4. I am coming back from Switzerland in a few days... I am thinking South Dakota for the holiday? is anyone down? july 2nd-6th? HMMM..,,

    Remo that sux.

    I love whiskey. \


  5. Had some whisky last night for you remo. So sad to see you go. When is Kate sending you off to Elmers?

    On the whiskey front, has anyone ever had a White Whiskey? Death's Door here in Madison makes some and I'm curious. Their Gin is fantastic and I hear their Vodka is as well. I'll have to try both soon.

    Nic, how is switzerland? Not as good as the lake right? I figure it sits right below Dodge in quality.

  6. I will say the lake has some of the best rock ever... if it had roofs I would be sold.

    Switz is amazing but I think if you cannot come hee for 3 or more moths Hueco is better.


    from what I know, white Whiskey does not go in Fire Barrels. It has a much different taste.