Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Choss Can Be Good

"I still want to get down there and see what kinds of animals Katie has." - Josh

Quote of the day right there.

There's something fun about the little out of the way crags in the middle of the country. They're charming, small, endearing and tend to be super chossy and full of fun eliminates.

Mr. Josh took me out last night to tug on some good ol' midwestern choss.

It was good. We went to a small bluff near Somerset right on the river. Not a bad setting for a casual night.

Josh showed me around all of the eliminates and I was actually really impressed with the place. With a bit of love the holds were in surprisingly good shape. On top of that the holds themselves were kind of amazing. Flat crimps with cool thumb catches and little crappy slopers with ribs all over them. Not bad.

We played around on a few of the better problems and talked shop/gossip while Barnaby/Beanbag/Barnum n Bailey played in the river.

And yes, in case you were wondering, conditions were amazing. Cool. Crisp. High friction. Everything you'd imagine in a summer bouldering session.


Then Josh turned around and saw some smoke on the river.

"Is that....nope. No, that's a humidity cloud."

Sure enough, just rolling down the river was a cloud full of good conditions. We decided to call it and head to Dairy Queen instead. Solid choice.

Really glad I was able to get out with him while I was in town. Made for a fun night.

Thanks Bud.


  1. Thanks for the updates Steve, good to know your having a good time. On a sour note I sprained my ankle pretty damn good last night in our Ultimate Frisbee game. Won't be doing much of anything for a couple weeks. It's all good, it gives me time to work on the whiskey tasting.


  2. Oh Remo!!! That isn't allowed!!!!! Damn dude. hope it gets better soon!

    Frisbee. Spose thats what you get for being a crunchy hippy and throwin the disc around brah.

    Get that thing rehabbed and make sure to take you time! you know that though.

    In the mean time....go here...

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one to get shit for doing non climbing activity. ha.

    Seriously though, Remo I hope you get better soon!

    Since I'm not a climber anymore, I have another race Sunday :-) You should all come down to Pleasant Prairie and cheer me on. I'll need it.