Friday, June 25, 2010

Alpine Club

So Alpine Club just got another repeat. Kyle from Milwaukee did it with the bump method which seems to be gaining momentum as the way to do the move.

I'm not going to comment on difficulty cause that's just stupid and it doesn't matter. I just think it's great that the line got another repeat. I think it's fantastic actually.

I haven't tried the problem since last fall when I got frustrated with it and moved my short attention span over to other boulders. I'm very excited to try it again this year, both to see just how hard the bump beta is as well as try and do it the "original" way.

Like always I'm really just excited to see people out enjoying the lake and getting out. That problem truly is one of the gems.


  1. Yeah very cool. Nice to see someone braving the heat.

    Remo- you picked a good time of year to Jack your ankle. Heal quick bro. ce.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty heinous out right now. Katie and I were looking at weather yesterday and said something about how good it was looking. Then we laughed when we realized we thought high 70's looked good.

    It's drinking season i guess.

  3. I think "slightly better" would be appropriate... Ugh. Drinking, or possibly trad climbing, weather. ce

  4. So I had Delerium Tremens while I was up in Minneapolis. Very tasty. You should try it Chris. Think you'd like it.

  5. Ohhhhhh, delerium tremens. So good. Also, the good ol' Rogue Dead Guy is high quality. These days, however, call for a nice Dos Equis XX Lager.

  6. RV and I polished off a 6 pack of Stella and another of Spaten Premium this weekend. The Spaten had a bit of help from Chris and Sarah though.

    Still trying to find Delirium in Madison....

  7. you can usually find delirium at whole foods

  8. Oooh, good call sweaty. I always forget about that place.

    Also, how's the wedding planning coming along??? Still climbing or are you a full on triathlete now? Its just too much fun being moderately ok at three different sports, huh?

  9. through my entire life i've always been moderately competent at all sports. so it just seems to fit me :-). Contrary to your popular belief though I am still training climbing once or twice a week.

    Wedding planning is going well. seems like we've hit the home stretch here so we are psyched but busy finalizing shit.