Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reverse Oreo

I think it's safe to say that psych has been rather low lately for everyone in town. Dobbe and Aaron were rained out on Saturday. Sad. Ray, a summer transplant from Wyoming, was rained out too on his first trip to the DL. Even more sad. Nic was rained out from coming down our way on Sunday and sadly couldn't get any "Reverse Oreo" action.

Nic + RV + Me = Reverse Oreo. Obviously.

What is even more sad is that it was mostly dry on Sunday. Maybe if you would have come down here you wouldn't have gotten that hunk of metal in your eye. Sadness abounds.

We're hoping that will end this Saturday. Radness will ensue. Honestly I just want to get out and climb some stuff. I miss real rock. I miss the boat. I miss eating ice cream even if I don't send a damn thing. I miss the DL.


  1. What is the story with the hunk of metal? Did Nic lose an eye? Nic are you alive?

    Stay psyched Steve! Lots to come this season still. I just ran into RV on the sidewalk in front of work and we were harnessing psych and a of coarse a little hatred.

    Eggbert is getting a new big pad, that is something to be psyched about. I'm psyched for my new pad and everytime I go back home to LaCrosse those guys have new sport routes to climb-awesome! I'm also psyched on some projects(routes) at the Lake that Dave Groth told me about! PSYCHED!!

    Just how do you get a reverse oreo of your own?:)


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  3. Remo, your new pad is extra special rad. LOVE IT! Also I want to hear about these projects....

    Chris, what colors did you get?????

  4. Dealer's Choice on the colors. I enjoy a good surprise. Josh's judgment, in other words. The biggest he has to offer, 4 foot by 5 foot by 5 inches. Should be pretty sweet. Hoping to hit DL after work on Thursday, weather permitting. Might be here by then. ce

  5. I'm interested in getting a sweet deal on a Sigg bottle... I hear those things rule. lol

  6. This whole reverse oreo thing sounds kinda homoerotic to me. Just saying. I don't know what you kids are up to these days but I thought this was supposed to be a family friendly blog.

  7. I once got a sweet deal on a Sigg bottle, thanks sweaty! My wife liked it so much she went and bought two more. So there you have it. DL tomorrow anyone? 2-2:30? First partly-sunny sub-80 temps in a while... ce

  8. Next time i see you remind me to give you a couple kids ones for the little fellers.

    And for reverse oreo... you are correct. Super gay. i think everyone acknowledged it to them selves but if was so obviously flaming that it went without saying. Except for whoever is the caboose. He could be considered straight if the lights were off.

    Family friendly my ass. Have you read my poop logs.

  9. Chris- I will be out at the Lake Thursday afternoon, lets session! RV showed some interest also, anyone else?

  10. @Sweaty LOL. Yeah kiddie SIGG bottles! Sweet!

    @Remo- awesome! Where will you be? If I don't see a post I will call you tomorrow late morning. I usually get done with work when I'm in Baraboo on a Thursday by ~2pm. I should probably try to get home by 6pm at the latest which means leaving by 5pm or so. ce

  11. I should be up there by 2:30 or so. No agenda at all, just sending! I can give you a call tonight about a meeting spot.
    I will also trade your hat and sweatshirt for some spots and beta.:)
    RV, Steve, you guys in?

  12. Remo as you know, I mooch beta, I don't usually give it! And I forgot you had the hoody! Thanks! Sounds like a plan. ce

  13. Remo: I am tentatively in. Give me a call when you get off work.