Monday, May 25, 2009


First, thanks to everyone who voted on what shoes I should get next. Looks like I'm getting a pair of Jet 7's. Should be interesting to see if I like them.

I leave tomorrow for Richmond, California until Friday. I'll be spending some quality time with the folks at Mountain Hardwear and Montrail taking a look at all the new stuff for Spring 2010. They always treat us with good food and drinks the whole time we're there so it should be a good time. They are all good people who like to have they have a nice little bouldering wall at headquarters that I'd love to play around on. We'll see.

These meetings are always a weird combo of seasons. The designers are presenting their Spring 2010 work to us, all the while they're working hard on Spring 2011 designs and prototypes. All of this happens during the Spring 2009 season. It always makes me smile a little.

This past Friday, Katie finished unpacking and we were officially moved in! Fantastic. What did we do on Saturday then?

More to come on Phase One of the homewall soon...


  1. word. u should mail me your hooded 2008 softshell. it is a good idea.

  2. Dood, haven't you heard that 2008 softshells are totally out of style now?!? Lameness....

  3. that's the point. my mega man factor can handle the uncoolness, unlike fragile others. i will totally take it off your hands without charging you hazmat fees for removal. win-win!