Friday, May 1, 2009

New Foam!!!!!!!!!

Can't even really describe how happy I am with the new pads we got. Josh at Organic went so much further than he had to and it shows with the product. I won't go into too much detail right now but this is the happiest I've been with any one company in a long, long time.

So much more than we expected. Very very pleased right now. It was time for an upgrade and we couldn't have done better. I will say, I'm jealous of Katie's lighting bolt. She's gonna climb so fast!!!


  1. What new foam? Why are Organic better? Worth the extra cash? ce

  2. answers: way of saying 'new pad'; bomber foam... doesn't bottom out, lasts longer; yes.

  3. Thanks Sockie.

    Steve a bunch of folks going 2 East Bluff tomorrow if you's are interested. I know, it's not bouldering... Maybe ~9am. Sending temps.


  4. Thanks Sockie. You make my life easier by the minute.

    We actually went to Dodge yesterday. Thanks for the invite!!! We need to get out together!

    Organics are definitely worth the extra cash. After using them for a day I'm very happy with them. One of the best designs out there right now. I'll have a full review soon though.

  5. What size pad did you get? thinking about getting a new one at some point and I'm going to go the Organic root. werd.
    sir sweat-o-rama

  6. We got two full pads and two half pads. The half just straps right onto the full and it carries really well. We're big fans. I've also used a big pad and it was nice as well.