Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching Up

The house even came with a free sticker!

Katie and I signed a lease for a house a few weeks back and we're just finishing up the move. I hate moving. So much. It just sucks everything out of me and I don't want to do anything with anybody. We started the move on Saturday and will be completely done on Thursday.

We were upgraded to a 24 foot uhaul since they didn't have any of the 17's left. After filling up the bottom third of the U-Haul we took off for the new house. Pulling into the driveway I took out a nice chunk of pavement from the street with the truck's hitch. Apparently 24 foot long trucks don't like driveways on a hill. We unloaded everything and then promptly got the it stuck in our driveway, afraid that the street would yank the bumper clean off. Katie pulled through like a trooper and took over the reigns when I got too frustrated. Well done.

I'm glad that mess is done. Neither of us could believe how sore we were the next day. We moved the bunnies over last night and pretty much just have to clean the place now. I'm going to be so happy when we're out of there and are back to somewhat normal life.

The bunnies in their new stables

We'll be putting up part of the wall this Saturday hopefully. I am very excited. We've moved the toys out of the way and made room for the first section. I'm happy to be able to start climbing again...

Pads just waiting to be used...


  1. LOL. Great sticker. ce

  2. Yeah, the sticker really made it for us. Not sure we would have moved in without it....