Monday, May 18, 2009

Pick My Kicks

So my pair of beloved V10's has pretty much kicked it and I've failed at replacing them adequately. So very sad. I'm in the market for a new pair of beat around shoes for the gym and warming up and such. I want something easy on and easy off and think I have it drilled down to two very different shoes. Right now I'm looking at the Jet7 and the Anasazi Velcro. Not sure which I want though.

I tried the Solutions and they just didn't seem to work that well. Hated the heel cup on them. Also tried the Cobra years back and while I liked them back then, I don't think I'd like them as much now. After blowing out the Scarpa Boosters last year I'm hesitant to pick up a pair of the Stix because I think they'll have the same issue.

I've tried the Jet7's a bit and they weren't my favorite but I think they were a size too big. They're on the same last as the V10's but felt bulkier. In the right size I might actually like them.

I had a pair of the old Anasazi Velcro's and liked them for what they were. Unfortunately they were a half size too big and I've always wondered if I'd like them more in the right size.

I'm curious what your thoughts are! There is a poll to the right. Tell me what shoes to get. If you don't want me to get one of those post a comment with which shoes I should get and maybe I'll add it to the poll.



  1. Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7, Jet 7.

    Did I mention that I love the Jet 7s?

  2. if you are going to do this, do those green ones, which feel much better than the anasazi velcro and at least give you a slight bit of downturn.

    if i ever wore 5.10s, though, i'd stick to anything with the dragon last and heel.

    i have a love hate relationship w/ the heel on the solution... sometimes it is amazing, sometimes deforms and skates. but oh that front end! so nice! my favorite front end of any shoe ever.... so far... and very durable. none of the delam problems i've had in other shoes, none of the holes over the toes, none of the bad.

    i'd love to see a re-designed heel on the solution... but this is off-topic to your inquiry.

    so back to it: go jet 7 or 5x. anasazi line is sub-standard in comparison... or just dragons sized comfortably so you can crush problems with them unlaced just to piss off the gym kids.

    all that said, i've had great luck with LL Bean's gum-soled, shearling lined, leather loafter slippers.

    they have great feel and stick well to plastic features... though the heel is pretty bad, it is better than the heel on my old boot of doom for sure.

  3. dangerously small robinsonMay 18, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    ooh! Jet 7 Jet 7

    you will be so much faster than Dangerously Brown Robinson!

  4. I would really like it if I liked the solutions, but the heel just isn't right for me. Loved the toe box but the heel killed the shoe for me. It fit well but was way too wide!! The front held up really well other than the little bit of toe rubber that had a small delam.

    Thanks for the input! definitely appreciated.

    I bet the LL Beans smeared like no other.

    RV, I'll need to try yours on again to make sure I get the right size. That is, if you don't mind?

  5. Although, D.S. Brown's Jet 7 would be so much faster than any climbing shoe out there! I like that.....

  6. Urgh, its D.S. Robinson, my arch-nemesis! You will not thwart my plans of world domination this time, damn you!

    Steve, you can try my Jet7s again anytime. I am a big fan of their toe, further the shoe fits my narrow feet just right. I don't like the heel, but then again I haven't yet found a shoe with a heel that suited me. I always end up having an air pocket.

    I hope you get the Jet7s, that way I'll just leech the beta for where to get another pair (cheap) off you.

    Did I mention the Jet7s are also the comfiest aggressive shoe I have ever worn? And you know I normally size painfully small (remember the tinkerbell dance?).

  7. I don't know what shoe size you wear, but I found some v10s on sale at a good price at in some really limited sizes.

  8. Hah, thanks but yeah, that was one of my failed attempts. I ordered one of the last size 7's they had. Sadly, just a half size too small to use. Still need to send them back. Oh well....

  9. I agree with the brown kid- Jet 7's!