Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry for the brief power outage there! Mountain Hardwear and Montrail were fun and we got to see a ton of very cool things out there. The Berkeley area is pretty cool in general and we even got to go on a mini field trip to see more of it.

On Wednesday we went out and did a 5-6 mile trail run. It was incredibly fun for the first mile but by then my off the couch agenda seemed to stop working and I shuffled the remaining distance. I really can't ever see being a runner. Wow. I finished though, and not in last place, so I was happy and it was nice to start off the week in such a cool place. At the end of the day I got an "off the couch" award, a mini hand held fan. So that was nice.

When Katie and I were being showed our current house we started talking to our landlord about climbing. He used to climb and seemed to have made a lot of trips up to Gibralter before it was closed up. We laughed and moved on, not thinking much of it.

Well, last night Katie and I were cutting off the last piece for phase one of the homewall and I happened to see some 2 x 4's up in the rafters of the garage. On one of them I saw a yellow sticker and I wanted to take a closer look. I moved the piece of wood around and this is what I saw.

We were both somewhat blown away. Very quickly we figured that they had put up a homewall up many years before we moved in. We started to look around the garage and started to see more pieces of the puzzle come together. We saw weathered pieces of wood, more 2 x 4's and even a piece of wood with ape index's on it. It was kind of crazy to think about and was an interesting look back into the Madison climbing scene however many years ago.

I like coincidences like this. They bring around just how small the climbing community really is and I love to casual reminder of that. Here are a couple more pictures that I took last night.

The Ape-Index-O-Meter

Renee and Pat's phone numbers

A very cool reminder of past climbers


  1. A gun lovin, liberal hatin, +2 ape index boulderer! Love it! ce

  2. This really was one of the coolest things to happen to us recently. We were blown away when we saw the circa 1980's rock and ice sticker. So so cool!

    Chris, love how you dropped the 'g's. Perfect image.