Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Challenge??

Birthday Challenges are not my forte.

I've attempted three throughout the years and, while I did OK on my first one, I've gotten progressively worse each time. It's been kind of sad really. Everything from my weak attempts to run, to my insane failure of a bouldering circuit around the lake.

I've been understandably reluctant to partake in one again after my last attempt left me with my worst bouldering fall ever. And I wasn't even climbing. I was cleaning the topout of Pinball Arete at the Burma Boulders and slipped off and fell into the pit. Note that this has one of the worst landings at the lake and I fell into it with no pads below me. I've never gotten away with something quite like I did there. Multiple people heard about it and asked if I'd broken a leg. It's a very bad landing.

On a funnier note Kelsen told me, just seconds before I fell, "Be careful man, don't fall off." I muttered something about being fine and told him to give me his chalk. And then I bit it. My Karma cup emptied right there.

So I'm in the super duper early phase of radness right now. Just trying to put together either one circuit of 26 classics or one each for dodge and the lake. I've got a wish list of sorts below. Anything marked with a question mark is just that, a question. I'm not sure that I'll include those but I'll probably put in a few of them. Let me know what other problems you think I should put on the lists. I'm very open to suggestion.

There is one thing that I'll be leaving out, and that's those damn Greenbush fritters. They're the biggest sandbags out there.

Here are a few pictures from my last challenge below. I'm not sure how to explain them, so I won't. Beautiful.

1 - Burma Warmup
2 - Burma Slab
3 - Slope(r) of Dadaism
4 - Bark Biter
5 - Venus Rising
6 - Perfect Medium
7 - ?Sex and Chocolate?
8 - ?Bulbous?
9 - ?The Zipper?
10 - Flatiron
11 - ?Beautiful Soup?
12 - ?Alpine Club?
13 - Anchorpoint
14 - 45 Degree Left
15 - 45 Degree Center
16 - West Bluff Lunge

1 - Camp B Warmup
2 - Camp B Crack
3 - Picasso Right
4 - Hangman
5 - ?Sandstone Violence?
6 - Huston's Arete
7 - Alpine Bouldering Club
8 - Grounded for Life
9 - ?Illusions of Paradise?
10 - Godfather
11 - All in the Family
12 - Out Past Curfew
13 - Broken Dreams


  1. You have to add Nameless Arete and Out Past Curfew if you're gonna be in those areas anyway! I have been thinking I wanted to do something similar in the fall (I turn 38 so maybe try to do 38 problems?), maybe start at one end of the Backbone Ridge and do every problem I could muster on both sides in an afternoon. There are 56 listed on mp, though some could/should certainly be skipped. ce

  2. haha those are the 2 that i was going to say. I've always felt that "out past curfew" is one of the best of its grade that ive done and one of the better lines in the park. I am also very partial to "left out." Also it would be a waste to just go and do ABC... you could throw "broken dreams" on there as well to make it worth your time.

  3. ps. that was posted by sweaty.

  4. Yes, broken dreams is a good problem and feels totally different from ABC. Skip Left Out IMHO. Very grovelly! Sweaty when you headed out? Steve when is this going down? ce

  5. Sounds good guys, Broken Dreams and Out Past Curfew will both make it onto the list for now.

    This'll be happening next March but I wanted to get some circuits together to try out this coming Fall. I'm still hesitant but we'll see how this fall goes.

  6. Hey Steve, nice challenge man. Looks like an epic day with some classic lines. At the Lake you should add Starfish and the Ejaculator. Both good for the grades and totally do-able. Did RV tell you I lost my chalk bags coming down the bluff yesterday from the Ejaculator. I found the bucket, but the small bag is gone-frown. Hopefully I can go back and find it. You should also add Oral Over and Eschew Obfuscuity at the Dodge, both super classic.
    Cheers, Remo

  7. Oh yeah, and bring the purple outfit, I love it!

  8. The outfit may stay out of this was pretty sweet though...

    I'm torn on whether to go to the reserve or not. It's such a long hike and although there are a bunch of good problems, I think with such a long day that I'll probably leave it out.

    Im either going to do one circuit of 26 problems or do two circuits of 26 each. One for dodge and one for the lake. We'll see how this fall turns out. Should be fun either way.