Monday, June 15, 2009

The Arrival

Katie, apparently very interested in her elbow, and myself looking disgusted and somewhat stunned.  I'm not sure why.

Wow. So summer has arrived. It's now humid, sticky, buggy and very much the midwest.

Three of us made a quick evening trip up to Governor Dodge last night to hopefully get on some rock and man, it was less than ideal conditions! It probably didn't help that we got on Cannons, which is about as friction dependent of a problem as there is at Dodge. The muggy conditions, sadly, didn't help us out much.

It was fun to get out, for sure, but I'm still sad that summer is upon us. Conditions held out for a decent amount of time, actually and this spring was pretty good for a lot of people. I'll try and do a spring recap later this week. It's been a good year for a number a reasons.

Here are a couple pictures from last night.

RV trying to repeat Cannons in the summer heat

Hitting the crux hold on Cannons


  1. Yeah. Bummer. 2.5 months until September! Or, early morning sessions only. Never did make it to Cannons. Sounds cool. ce

  2. It's definitely a cool little problem, if not a bit sandy, but i'd wait until october. Cool temps will totally change this one.

  3. Summer at the dodge is when you get strong... then everything feels like piss in the fall :-) Hope you don't mind poisen ivy as I had it essensially all summer long.