Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Wall - Phase One

A couple weekends ago RV and Chris came over to help me build the first section of the new home wall. We put 90% of it up the first day and Katie and I finished it up last Sunday. We had originally kicked around the idea of doing a 60 degree wall but decided to change it up a little to allow for more moves. We added in a initial section of about 35-40 degrees that runs four feet on top of a one foot kicker. Then we kicked it back to maybe 65 degrees for another 6 feet and finished it up there.

I took some time last night to set a couple problems on it and the angles are fun and allow for about 4-6 move problems. They'll be longer with a bit of traversing added in. Hopefully we'll climb a little more on it tonight and start to set some more stuff.

My skin couldn't handle much last night and it seems that the past couple of weeks have just screwed all of my tips. I've never had it happen like this before but this is by far the worst condition my skin has ever been in. I'm curious what you guys use for your tips? I've been using badger balm but I'm not a huge fan and I picked up a small tin of burt's bees to try out. Remo and Nic both use something and swear by it but I can't remember what it is or where to get it. Fellas???

Back to the homewall though. I think in the next couple of weekends we're going to try and finish this thing up for good. We're gonna do another 8 foot section of the wall with a 2 foot V-Shaped connector between the two pieces. In all the wall will be about 18 feet wide and should give us some good room to play around on.

I'll do my best to take some pics tonight though. I picked up a pretty sweet flood light setup last night for about 20 bucks. It lights up like the sun down there!


  1. Steve, nice job on the home wall. That was fast! Now you will have to give us all the tour, once you set all super hard projects on it. O'Keefe's working hands cream or outdoor cream is the stuff, they sell it at the Eastside Woodmans.
    Cheers, Remo

  2. Perfect Remo! Thanks, I'll have to look for it. Does it come in a tin?

  3. A small green or brown plastic hockey puck sized case.

  4. Based on recent interweb photos of Nic I'm not sure I'd want to emulate his skincare techniques...


  5. Hmm. Food for thought.

    Although I did find some O'Keefe's last night and i seem to enjoy it.