Monday, June 29, 2009

Ransom Notice

Dangerously Brown Robinson...

We have Max.

Here are our demands:
1 - Candy.  Lots of it.  Copious amounts, even.  Bring it.

2 - Ice Cream.  We'll accept it in regular, sandwich or cone forms.  We'll also accept DQ Ice Cream Cake.

3 - Sophie.  We hear that she can cook, and we're hungry people.  Plus, she's very pleasant.

You have 4 days until the Ebay auction is started.

Frank is standing by...


  1. !@#!@ I knew I was missing something when I left the gym yesterday. Hmmm, 4 days huh? Just enough time for me to assemble a team of mercenaries.

  2. Or you can just assemble a team of Candy, Ice Cream and Sophie. Only then can you have your precious Max back.

  3. I say we just let Augustus maul Max. you saw what he did to the penguin pinata.

  4. Good call.

    Mr. Robinson, the Penguin Pinata did not last long in the angry teeth of Augustus. He is now a soaked pile of pulp.

    I highly suggest you meet our demands.

  5. Ok, ok, ok, I'll meet your demands. Set up an exchange point for Wednesday.

  6. Just don't hurt the penguin. *sob*

  7. i cut and pasted letters to a letter when my sister left for college. i also taped on a clump of her cat's hair. i demanded ransom.

    i received a very very violent punch to the stomach at christmas time.

    do not try to play the ransom game if you do not have the gumption to see it through!

  8. I don't think anyone is too worried about the terror that is dangerously brown robinson.

  9. Fantastic story Justin!! Love it! Should have cut and pasted something for this.

    Mr. Robinson is about as terrifying as a Marmot. If they want to, they can bite but mostly they're just cute and fuzzy.

  10. I will eat your babies!