Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tick List

So I realized that I never did a true tick list for the upcoming season. I'm always torn on whether to do a tick list or not. Partially because I always fail miserably(see birthday challenges 1 and 2 for examples) and partially because my interests change fairly radically. It's nice to lay out what you want to do though, so I figured why not.

So here it is, the list of radness. Enjoy...

- Sandstone Violence - V8 - After coming so close on the FA I lost so much interest in it after get hit by a loose block. I've only put one day of half hearted effort into it since Fall of 2006. I really need to just sack up and finish this thing off.

- Battle of the Bulge - V7/8?(unrepeated) - I spent one day on it on one of my first days back last fall and got spanked. I'm in much better shape now and want to get back on this one.

- Highly Executed - V7 - Spent a few days on this last fall and got close. This one isn't really high on the list but would be nice to put down.

- Chaos - V7(unrepeated) - Sweaty put up this line last year and it looks really good and kind of my style. Would love to dispatch this one. The rest of Rattlesnake Mound looks really cool and I'm really looking forward to spending time out there this spring.

- Alpine Club - V9? - I would absolutely love to climb this stupid little problem. 3 days of work with no progress is enough for me. One of the benchmark climbs for me at the lake. NEED to do this one. It's been on my mind for far too long.

- Beautiful Soup(V8)/Keymaker(V10/11) - Having only really spent a day on this problem I'd love to have a couple more this year. Beautiful soup is very doable but I'm not sure about the Keymaker. There is more interest in hard bouldering at the lake this year already and it should be a good season.

- Body Karate - V9 - RV and I had a solid day on this a year and a half ago and it'd be a fun one to finish up. Just need to find time to go back to So Ill.

- Instinct Sit - V10 - I would absolutely love to finish this up. It felt surprisingly doable and the moves were really fun. Another Fall trip to LRC may be in order....

I'd be happy to do any number of these really. Here's to hoping the weather is kind to us this year...


  1. Nice to see the list bro. ssssooooo psyched for it to get nice out. All of those except for Chaos is on my list. I would love to go back up there to search some of the rock I didnt get to check out. I would also love for someone to get on that thing to tell me how hard it is cause I don't even know. lol. Narc tried it late in the day so he was of no help :-). body karate is high on my list and hope to be able to do when we go down the weekend of March 21st. I'm really interested in checking out those DL climbs and would love to go to the reserve since I have never been. I'd also really like to try that Jenga at DL.

  2. I'm definitely psyched to get on Chaos and see how it is. Looks good though!

    Jenga is great and I'd be happy to do an upper west bluff tour with you. There are some good problems up there. So psyched for this year!

  3. i would be psyched to get a tour bro. How long do you think places like the dodge, the mound, DL will take to thaw out?

  4. Depends. Places like Deer Cove, Illusions of Paradise and the East Bluff of DL could be thawed out right now. I know a lot of the routes at DL are already in but the bouldering is another question. Looks like good weather for us though the next few days.

    How open is Rattlesnake Mound? Pictures make it look pretty open and not a ton of trees around.

  5. very open! there was some kind of tornado or something that took out almost all of the trees a couple years back.