Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not sure I can remember the last time I punted so badly. I did not get rad this past Saturday.

Katie and I went out to Rattlesnake Mound again on Saturday and had fantastic weather. It was a little warmer out and everything was nice and pleasant. We warmed up and screwed around for a bit and then went back over to Chaos. I did the last bump move second try just to remind myself that I could and then set to work on linking it.

First go from the start I linked through up until the final bump. Thought I had it in the bag and felt super strong on it. Felt easy. Fell on the bump to the jug. Punt. I ended up linking through to the final move 3 more times, each time falling from the jug. Punt, punt, punt. I took a quick break and then tried just the one move again. Did the bump no problem.

As soon as I started to try the link though it was like "wash, rinse, repeat". Same story over and over. Punt. In the end I had to give up since two of my tips had started to bleed. Would've been a nasty flapper had I kept going. I left blood on one of the holds for whoever tries it next. A little present from me to you!

After that we went over to Beached Whale. It's a short little arete problem that Katie wanted to try again. It was very physical and VERY sandy. We ended up finding more sand in her eyes at 10PM, later that night. In the end she found a sequence that worked for her and sent the short V4. That was after she tried to climb it with her eyes shut....multiple times.

On another note, I tried out my Projects a couple of times in the past week or so. Once at the gym and twice at Rattlesnake. They are definitely very sensitive and seem to work well for what they do. They're going to be a nice addition to my shoe collection. They aren't perfect though. They don't seem to hug my foot or my arch as well as I'd like and the heel cup is a little deep. I'm pretty confident that they are going to lose their downturn after a while, but oh well. I can't tell a difference between any of the rubber that I'm using currently(Stealth HF, Stealth Mystique and Vibram XS Grip). All that said, the Testarossa's are still my shoe of choice. It all comes down to fit.

I'll try to have a full review of them this week though. The more I use them, the more I like them.


  1. bummer man!!! So the coveted 2nd is still out there huh? It sucks getting sooo close. Did you try anything else or look around much this time around?

    Also, props to your better half on her send! That thing is perma-sandy though we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and that shit was still sandy as hell. At least she disbatched it and wont ever have to get on it again lol.

    @ Narc! what did you do to your knee dude? Do you stretch or take any kind of injury prevention measures? lol. I have never met someone as injury unfortunate as you my friend. I hope it feels better, whatever it is that's wrong.

  2. Yeah, Beached Whale isn't the highest quality thing out there. We still haven't really explored much out there. I definitely want to. Seems like there is potential.