Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ancient Radness : Jenga(V7)

These shots are from a couple years ago up in the west bluff talus field. A crew of about 9 people and pads made our way through the upper fields and put a ton of work in on some super sketch landings for some massive highball projects. Nothing too hard but stuff with nonexistent landings and bordering on solo height.

We made some time to try a Peter De Salvo classic, Jenga. It climbs up a mini dihedral to some good slopers and a throw for a jug. Hefty made quick work of it and sent on his second go. First go he missed the crux hold and fell trying to bump it up again(see picture number 1). Burly. Definitely a classic and sadly I couldn't finish it up that day.

Jenga is a complete pain to find unless you have the super secret squirrel beta(phrase shamelessly stolen from Katie). I'll be happy to give that out but I give no guarantees you'll be able to find it.

I recently found a whole stash of old pictures from Devil's Lake that I thought I had lost. In all of those are pics of the 45 degree boulder, Smooth Operator/Bud White and a bunch of others too. I'm going to try to do weekly radness postings for your viewing pleasure.

Photo credits go to "Sweaty" Steve Day.

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