Monday, March 30, 2009

Ancient Radness : 45 Degree Boulder

Devil's Lake isn't really known for it's roofs, unfortunately. 90% of the climbing is dead, or just past, vertical and crimpy. There are a couple of notable exceptions though. One of those is the aptly named "45 degree" boulder. It sits atop the West Bluff talus field and is a nice little boulder with a couple of problems on it.

Steve and I worked the middle line of the boulder back in the spring of 06. We had previously done the V4 to the left and wanted to come back and try the V5 next to it. If I remember right there was some funky foot jamming and then some slapping up to a sloper. Fun moves and a somewhat tricky topout over an exciting landing. Not bad, just exciting.

Anyone who has climbed at the lake knows how worthless the slopers can be and it was really fun to play around on one. The problem was dynamic and really cool. Both of the lines have a true sit start and are more dynamic than most problems at the lake. It was a welcome change of pace.

Here are a couple of pictures from the problem.

On another note, this week is the last for me for curling. Yes, I curl. No, I'm not any good. We're in the playdowns(it's the playoffs, but all the cool curlers call it playdowns) for our league and as much fun as it is, I'm glad to be done. More time for climbing. Most of the snow melted yesterday and I'm hoping for good weather this Saturday.

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