Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ancient Radness : West Bluff Lunge

Back in 2005, right after I moved back to Wisconsin, Peter De Salvo took a bunch of us on a tour of the west bluff at Devil's Lake. We started out at the top of the bluff off of the fire road and went to a bunch of boulders that were all new to me.

Standing above the rest was a lunge problem in the middle of the forest. We bushwhacked our way back to it and in a small corridor there were 5-10 problems. Right in the middle was a striking arete standing over a 2-3 foot tall boulder right in the middle of the landing. We stacked the pads around it and stuck Steve Day on top of the boulder to spot everyone and went to work.

After waiting around, taking pictures and watching bad beta for way too long I stepped up and did the problem second go. Tom, Peter and I think Kelsen followed soon after. The landing, coupled with a fairly committing final throw, made for an extremely satisfying last move.

Here are a couple of pictures from the problem. I'd love to go back up there and make a proper trail around the top of the West Bluff. Thorns are no fun.

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